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Friday's Air


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Morning All! Ann, I always check and see if someone started the Air before I got here. Either I missed yours yesterday or I type a lot faster than you do LOL.

I slept til 8 am again this morning. It's been a hectic week with Stan coming home and all sorts of things going wrong. Seems like it's going to settle down for the weekend. Have beautiful pointsettas on my porch steps. We're going to town soon. I'll get my piggy flu shot and we'll try to get the hanging pointsettas Stan always gets to finish off the porch. They seem to be in short supply this year.

I put this beautiful tree up every year but it's getting to be a chore. My grandson loves it so I thought I'd buy him a "treasure box" at Ross's today. He always comes for Christmas so I'll start letting him pick an ornament each year to take home for his tree. His mom played Scrooge last year and didn't even do a tree. She has a boyfriend this year to help so the tree is back in.

Oh the weather is sunny (surprise surprise) and don't think we're due to get out of the upper seventies for awhile. Ann and my husband are very happy with that. Me--82 is perfect.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Good morning, Judy! Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It's 37 degrees and cloudy here, but the wind was light this morning so I rode my bike to work. The forecast for tomorrow morning is 37 degrees with drizzle, so I'm thinking I will scrap the 200k ride I had planned, and just ride something shorter on Sunday.

Have a great Friday, all!

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You're having a heat wave, Judy. It's in the 60's here today and I love it!!!

Today is the first day that I have felt as if Christmas is around the corner. I have no idea why it hit me today, maybe just because it's finally FRIDAY...my favorite day of the week.

I made peanut butter balls (aka buckeyes) last night until I thought I would drop over. All that rolling and then dipping in chocolate takes so much time and my back was killing me by the time I finished. Although they're a pain, it seems to be a favorite for all of my family, so I make a lot. What I made last night are for my son's party on Saturday night, so I still have more to make for my house.

My heart is breaking, realizing the 15th is Tuesday and I know how sad the next few days will be for me but I'm trying to hang tough and remember the love Dennis and I shared. When I hugged my son last night, congratulating him on yesterday's accomplishment, I could have closed my eyes and it could have been Dennis. Chris is the same height as his Dad and their profiles are so much alike. Looking at him is so hard for me sometimes, as he is so much like his father.

So, this weekend it's parties and trying to finish shopping. Next week will be a full week and then I will have three day weeks for the next two weeks!!!! Can you tell I'm thrilled???

How is Rose after her surgery??????


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The temperate PNW has had a week of lows around 19 and highs around 30. Too cold for me. I should be grateful this means we have had some beautiful views of Mt. Rainier and blue sky.

They say it may change this weekend and we shouldn't be surprised to see snowflakes. The Jingle Bell Run for arthritis is Sunday (no, I'm not in it.)

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