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Stage 2 NSCLC Adenocarcinoma primary lung tumour


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Hello everyone - realised I posted this in General when it should have been here lol

I am new to this site and have just been diagnosed with NSCLC Stage 2 adenocarcinoma primary lung tumour. I have some lymph node involvement.


Would anyone here please share their own experiences of battling this beast with me?

thank you and seasons greetings


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Hello Christie. I hope all is going well for you.

I was DX'd with the with an identical profie as you've described in June '07.

I was treated with IV Chemo, Carboplatin,Taxol & Avastin, beginning in July of '07 & finishing Jan. 25th of '08.

I went once a week for 3 weeks, then 13 days off befrore the next cycle.

The most uncomfortable side effect i had was severe constipation. Nothing really helped this.

Less severe/serious side effects were fatigue, loss of appetite (i lost 35#'s during treatment), joint pain & spontainious nose bleeds during exercise.

I tried to walk @ least a mile a day during my treatment & this is when the nosebleeds occured.

In about Aug. of '08 chemo was stopped for 2 weeks due to swelling in my esophogus. I nearly lost my voice & couldn't swallow, but fortunately this condition subsided & i continued my chemo.

In mid-Dec of '07 i began 35 daily treatments of radiation along with weekly chemo, Carboplatin/Avastin treatments, finishing on Jan

28th of '08.

Scans taken during '08 were clear, & my Onc. said i was in remission.

The hardest part for me @ this time was planning things even in the near future. Should i plan for an event 6 mos away? I figured i'd probably still be alive, but would i be healthy enough to do it?

My wife & I enjoy travelling & camping especially in the West, so this was a consideration for me. I wasn't living in fear of the cancer's return,but living 1 day @ a time & enjoying a full, active life. It was just hard for me to think 2 mos. ahead. Eventually my cancer became just a distant memory.

In Dec. '09 a CT scan revealed slight swelling in a lymph node in the right lung, the same location as before.

Onc. said let's wait & see & ordered another scan for Mar. of '10.

This scan revealed that the swelling had increased,but no tumor was visible.

On Apt. 28th 2010 I began taking 150mg of TARCEVA, & have a scan scheduled for June 7th

My only advice to you is to try to stay positive & live your life as normal as possible as you battle this disease.

When i was recieving my chemo treatments, which lasted 6-7 hrs., i saw many patients having a more difficult time than i. I drew strentgh from these people & was thankful for my ability to survive,

I truly believe that cancer patients are the most courageous people in this World.

This post has become much longer than i'd anticipated, & i hope i have not bored you.

Keep a positive mental outlook, enjoy your family & friends & good luck to you in your journey.


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Hello Dave

Thank you for sharing your own story with me - I wasnt bored as anyone going through the same is always interested to hear others stories. I am very pleased that you are in remission as such and that they are keeping an eye on the suspicious node.

I finished 4 cycles of carboplatin/gemcitabin mid April. I guess I was pretty "lucky" in terms of side effects, tiredness being the main symptom. I didnt have problems with constipation and due to the steroids, maintained a very healthy appetite throughout. My main problem which was dealt with by difflam and antifungals was thrush. I was never sick, again probably due to the antisickness meds I was given, although towards the end I tended to feel a little nauseaous. I had another chest infection after cycle 2 but again with strong abx and steroids, defeated that to successfully go on to complete the course of chemo only missing one infusion of gemcitabine.

My last contrast CT scan after cycle 3 showed that the tumour(s) have shrunk and Im about to start 4 weeks of RT from 24th May. Not sure when my next scan will be, but both the onc and radiologist were very pleased with the last scan results, so fingers crossed that the RT works the last piece of magic and destroys the remainder of the tumours.

I know what you mean about planning things in advance, as you do wonder whether you will be fit enough. Ive put off going on holiday until I am sure I will be ok for flying. Prior to getting LC I have got off flights only to be struck down with major asthma attacks, so Im very wary now having LC as well lol. I remain as always, resolutely stubborn that I will be a long term survivor of LC. As I say, I have more people to annoy yet lolol.

I wish you and your family the best journey possible in your own battle.

christie x

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Hello Christie,

I was diagnosed stage 3A adenocarcinoma lung cancer. I had six weeks of daily radiation and weekly chemo (carboplatinum/taxol). I then had surgery, an upper right lobectomy followed by two sessions of the same but a stronger dose of the same chemo. My surgery was in July, 2005. My scans have been clear since. Hope this helps and wishing and praying for the best for you.


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I remain as always, resolutely stubborn that I will be a long term survivor of LC. As I say, I have more people to annoy yet lolol.

Love your sense of humor. Glad the recent posts prompted an update on your treatment. Lot of luck. We'll look forward to another post.

Judy in KW

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Hi Carole,

I just found you and your story. In June 2007 I was dx with stage 2 NSCLC contained in my left upper lobe. They immediately did the lobectomy, which resulted in me staying in the hospital for 3 weeks due to complications. But I got through it just fine. Following that I began six months of chemo, but no radiation as there was no lymph node involvement. They wanted chemo though as the tumor came very close to invading the chest wall. They upgraded my stage to what they called it here a Stage 2 3/4. I guess that's close to stage 3. But whatever.

Got through the chemo okay. Did have lots of muscle pain and neuropathy. The chemo of choice was carbo/taxol. It made my taste buds change and everything tasted like metal for a while, so eating was a struggle.

Six months later my eye sight changed, and I rushed to the Onc worried that it was a brain met. Turned out I had fast developing cataracts caused by the steroids they administered during the chemo. It was weird, they looked into my eyes, and told me "you had chemo didn't you?" I was surprised, didn't know cats were a result of heavy steroid use. But they operated and my eye sees much better than my other eye. The other eye has cats too, but they are not ready to be operated on yet.

Okay long story short, it's been 3 years this June and so far NED!

I am grateful and thankful and try to feel that way every single day.

Wishing you the best.

Judy in MI

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