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Afternoon All! I tried to get on this morning but Katie said they were doing maintenance on the site. Then I got busy doing Christmas cards. I hate doing them but love getting them--especially the ones with the kids pics--so I do it.

It is NOT a beautiful day in KW. It's been raining and blowing and even thundering. My husband said if all this rain were snow, he'd been shoveling for forever.

I went out to the "Walk on White" last night. It's an evening when you visit shops on White St (mostly art galleries) where they serve wine and/or munchies. It's fun and the weather was great. I treated myself to a wonderful art piece. I've been visiting this gallery for years and admiring the artist's wooden fruit. I saw a little pear (my favorite but even the little ones are pricey ouch) displayed on a beautiful 5 or 6 inch chunk of wood. The artist didn't intend to sell it with the wood and protested it wasn't even finished yet. She had other plans for it. I cajoled and she remembered me coming in years ago so she relented. She said she'd finish the wood and have it ready for me before Christmas. I am so excited!

My bad news of the day is that Dell is going to disappoint my 11-yr-old grandson for Christmas. The computer they promised would be delivered to my house (he'll be coming XMas day) won't arrive until Jan 4. He'll be long gone home and back to school then. I'm bummed for both of us. We would have had so much fun setting it up and trying it out.

Hope you are all have a great day.

Judy in Key West

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Hi Judy and everyone. I couldn't check in because my daughte in law's computer got a virus. I am at my daughters now. I have been thinking about all of you. Ann you know I was thinking about you. Sorry we coudn't connect when I called you. Randy I just saw the post about Deb's birthday. I hope the day passed gently for you.

Judy don't you just hate it when people mess up something like that for you? I know your grandson will still love the computer but not having it so you can share it really sucks.

I am having a good visit but will be getting to visit more now. The grandkids are all out of school but my daughter and daughter in law will both have to go back Monday. Teachers never get the same time off as the kids. My grand daughter teaches in another parish so I am not sure when she will be off for the holidays.

I haven't seem my oldest son or my two grand daughters and great grandbabies yet. As I said the oldest is a teacher and we had bad rain Monday night and Tuesday, about 7 inches fell and there were a lot of places flooded.

My other grand daughter got down from Kentuky day before yesterday but her father in law had open heart surgery so she has been at the hospital. The baby is at my oldest son's house. He finally got home from his off shore job yesterday but had to go to the shop today and to Alabama tomorrow. I should see them all Sunday at Carolines third birthday party.

Right now I am with my son in law and my daughter and her kids are all at work right now. They will be home later.

I enjoyed my time with my son Denny. We had a lot of time alone to visit and cook. He sure loves to cook even more than I do. He fed me well, too well. Tonight my son in law is frying some of the big redfish that he caught.

When I get home or maybe when I get caught up I will post a picture my son's neighbors yard. You would really think it was a lake after all of the rain. My grandson Chris rode their dog Bullet around in a perogue. Once the rain stopped it dried up fast. It rained again all day yesterday but it was a slow gentle rain so there was no more flooding.

Michelle I will catch up with you later. I see my cousin posted explaining that she wasn't picking on my about my weight. She thought my friends were upset with her. She and I had a ball going to the book store and just visiting.

By the way my other cousin was supposed to get results from her scans today. Last checkup was NED but she has been having a few problems that she thinks may be kidney infections. I sure hope it is not cancer again. Please say a prayer. I will find out later tonight.

Well I have to run off the facebook. Will be back in a day or so. Take care everyone.

Oh one more thing before I leave. My grand daughter got a little dog. He is a Morky and Maltese and half Yorkie. I don't think he weighs more than a pound right now and is as black as a lump of coal, in fact his name is Coal. He sure is cute.

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Hey Judy, If it is any consolation Last month dell announced they were shutting down OUR local dell MFG facility and they were ordered to pay back incentives !! layin off 900 people this month they are back open again!! Go figure !!! Most of laid off are re-employed so Dont knock em too hard!

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Spent my day doing mostly "nothing". Although yesterday I mopped the floors ( I have 3,000 sq ft home with no carpets) so it was a BIG job to say the least. My poor back is suffering from it today.

Right now my wonderful son is in the kitchen making dinner. What a sweet guy huh? Hope he doesn't get mad though when I tell him I'm not hungry. Maybe tomorrow? Leftovers are always good too right?

Little Randy kept me awake most of last night wanting to play. So, tonight he's sleeping in my office. Still in training....but I need some sleep.

Well, have a wonderful week end everyone. I'm sure many will be decorating, baking and shopping! Enjoy!

((((hugs to all)))

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Okey dokey Randy but if they hadn't laid those people off and closed the first time, maybe they'd have the chassis they need for my grandson's computer lol.

Lily sounds like you are having a great time. And Michelle, I hope that kitty doesn't keep you up crying tonight. Maybe your office is far enough away fromthe BR.

Judy in Key West

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At least there are around 900 more jobs in this area! They were going to go to Mexico but I think they got scared about the repayment of the Incentives to come here in the first place!!

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