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Christmas Eve Air!


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Merry Christmas All! Happy holidays to all who celebrate. I'm sorry I'm so late. Some bugger called "Speed it Up Free" was freezing up my computer all morning. I finally ran a full Norton scan but their icon is still on my taskbar and it won't let me close it with a right click like most do. Anyway I finally got on but cannot tell a lie. I got caught up opening a bijillion presents on FarmVille. Can't help it. For those of you who play, I got tons of free fuel and a green cow! Can you believe. Can't wait to see what kind of milk she gives.


I decided that would be the last shot this year's Christmas shopper drivers would have at me on the bike.
LOL. "See you" tomorrow. I'll be here too.

My work is done until dinner tomorrow when Wendy and Dominick arrive. I planned it this way and am so surprised it worked out. Couple of parties tonight. I could do with one lol. Hope you are all enjoying a leisurely Christmas Eve. Ann, that means you. Katie? (Those of you without small children that is lol.)

Have a Merry everone.

Judy in Key West

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“The real gift’s that matter the most”

The priceless gifts in life are not the ones wrapped up and given on special occasions, but the gifts we give when

we give of ourselves.

It is the love we share.

It is the comfort we lend at times of need.

It is the moments we spend together helping each other follow our dreams.

The most priceless gifts are the understanding and caring that come from the heart.

And each and every one of us has these gifts to offer… through the gift of ourselves.

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Being the non-materialistically type everyone has made ti their business that I shop for the holidays!!! All done in 24 hours for 6 people! Mocha and I did ours online and 1 gift each!!!!

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