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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! 52 this morning but so hot in the house I had to turn off the mega burner and the little fan behind it after Stan went out lol.

Seriously, yesterday's paper (I read a day late so I don't have to go out in the cold to get the paper when I get up) said Mon 42 was the second-coldest ever recorded in the city with records back to 1873. All-time low 41 in 1981 and 1986. It was 39 and 35 as you went up the Keys. Most signifcant to me was "This is the longest cold stretch in memory, unless someone is kicking around who was alive in 1876." We've had five below 50 the record being six in 1876. Not considering 50 degree as a checking point, that's what I noticed last year and this--colder for longer periods of time than I remember since moving here almost 24 years ago.

O.k. long weather report today. Got to go because I'm severely limiting my time on the computer for awhile. I think these new drops may be working because my eyes feel better in the morning when I get up. The burning starts with the computer (then the TV) pretty quickly. I can only use the drop 2x a day.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Judy sorry that I jumped in so soon.

This past two weeks has been some of the coldest temperatures here in South East Louisiana at least for this long. My son in law left a week ago today and is comming home today. It was raining the day he left then the front came through. The temperature has been below freezing every night sense then. I remember in 1962 this same time of year we had a spell of cold that was even worse but it lasted only about 5 days.

Well got to run now for sure. Have a great day all.

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Good morning everyone!

Judy, I'm so glad to hear that your new eye drops may be working. What a relief that will be for you, as I know this has been a real problem for you.

Yes, this cold weather in the south has really been something. It was 33 at my house when I left for work this morning. I had to scrape frost off my windshield once again. I'm going to break down and buy some gloves over the weekend, as I know we are still going to have some cold weather here in sunny Florida. Usually, we have some pretty cold spells in February and I think this year is going to be no exception.

My office has a weird set up with the heat. While part of the office is nice and warm (or cool in the summer) the other offices seem to have no heat or air. I'm in the part that suffers and my hands have been freezing for days now. Well, one of the girls had burned popcorn in the microwave yesterday afternoon and it was awful!!! Well, when I came in at 8:00 this morning (33 degrees) she had every door and window in the office opened trying to get the smell out. So, now it's really cold in here....lol!!! I think I need gloves to help my fingers on the keyboard!!

Well, today is a beautiful day! My cold seems to have finally left town and I can see the lights from Becky's bus coming down the road!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!


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Good morning, everyone!

Our south wind showed up during the night, and it had already warmed from a low of 35 degrees to 38 degrees by the time I got on my bike and headed to work. It's supposed to get up to 63 this afternoon.

Judy, I hope your eye drops work well for you. We need your smiling face around here to brighten up our day.

Lily, I did the same as your husband, pouring lead jigs and spinnerbaits many times without thinking twice about it. At least I was usually in the garage, where it was well ventilated, but I never wore a respirator.

Ann, don't let your fingers freeze to the keyboard! Have a great day, all!

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