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Wednesday's air


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Well I guess I am the early bird this morning so I will open the air. It is still pretty cool here but should warm up and rain later. My daughter went to work today. She missed yesterday with a sinus infection and went to the doctor. I wish I had the money that my family spends just on sinus medications. It has to have something to do with the weather.

Bud my ex husband used to make his heads for the sparkle beetles we used, they are great for speckaled trout. He used lead and never thought anything about it. Nice that you know better. If you find something that really works let me know because my son is doing it now and I worry about that lead. It took a lot back then when we all fished just about every week or more often.

Randy sorry the job didn't work out but you will find another I am sure. Judy good that you got caught up on so many things and I am really sorry about your friend. Michelle I am so glad that you are doing better. There is nothing wrong with taking medication when you need it but sometimes it is overdone and causes more harm than good. When it comes to grieving there is just no easy way around it and you have to be careful not to end up with more serious problems with those meds.

I hope everyone is warm this morning and well. We all pray for good outcomes for Bud and everyone who is awaiting test results. I am sorry that I haven't been more supportive but it is very hard while away from home.

My time here is winding down. I have really enjoyed being with my family but I am so ready to get back to my own things and surprisingly what I miss most is my routine. I even miss the exercise and diet if you can believe that. Anyway it is time to run and check facebook and a few other sites, Have a great day everyone.

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