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Tuesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone! It's almost noon here, so I figure we can now switch from Monday's Air to Tuesday's Air.

It was 40 degrees with a light mist here when I got up this morning. The roads were pretty much dry though, so I rode my bike the 12 and a half miles to work. It's supposed to get into the low 50's this afternoon. Of course, the weather people have been saying that since Sunday, and it hasn't come close yet. It was still a chilly and damp 44 degrees when I rode home yesterday.

Rose's blood counts were just barely high enough for her to get her chemo yesterday. Not much else happening here. Have a great day, all!

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Been a long tiring week for me already and it's just Tuesday!!

Both kids are sick. My boy with a respiratory infection and my daughter tested positive yesterday for flu. Oink Oink.

It's been a job for sure, my kids are rarely sick and never before both at the same time so I can empathize for other moms out there who've been thru this many times.

I'm also filling out applications, essays and conference paperwork for upcoming conferences and that's felt never-ending but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm just waiting on a couple of loose ends and then I can be done with this and my work/travel schedule will be set for the year.

The Daddy Daughter dance is this Saturday and both Rick and Kennedy are so excited. Say a prayer (if you pray) that Kennedy is well enough to go...this will be their first time and they've been counting down the days.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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I'm pretty sure I started a post here earlier today with a "hi all!" Now I remembe, I got part way into it and hit something and lost it again. That's o.k. but then I forgot I'd never actually posted LOL.

I'm more than a little squirrely today. It's been a lousey trip. Flat tire with the RV on the way to PSL yesterday. Got there late so ate take out Chinese food. Allergies went bonkers. Didn't get our usual pull thru at the Orlando KOA so we had to take the car off and park the trailer in another location in the park. All petty stuff but annoying.

Today's my birthday and it's been a drag but that's o.k., we're doing all of our 4 FEB BDays with the kids and grandkids this weekend.

Have a great evening everyone and keep me in your prayers and heart tomorrow and Thur.


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