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Thursday's Air


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Morning All! OMG I think it's Thursday. Catch you up real fast. Have no idea what the weather is. Was a little late getting ready for this, my second day of tests at MDA. A lol (not laugh-out-loud) at the front desk sent me in the wrong direction. Stan wasn't with me so I looked pathetic as usual carrying my bag bigger than me. I'm in an unfamiliar waiting room. Thank goodness I brought my computer. My instructions are to wait until the check-in desk tubes me info so I can get checked in. Feeling is that may take forever. Wish they would have just let me go there and check in.

BDay sucked. We got up in PSL and drove to Orlando. No pull-through sites available. Stan missed one of the concrete pads and nearly got stuck. Could still happen when we have to move again tomorrow. Stayed in and ate left-over chinese food. Stan saved the evening by thawing some yummy little cheesecake snacks he'd put in the freezer. That and a glass of wine and I was good.

Have a great day everyone. This is the best wifi I've had since I left!


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Good morning, everyone! Sorry to hear that you're having a tough week, Judy.

It's been nothing but rain and 40's here since yesterday morning. This is turning out to be the rainiest winter I remember here.

My week is busy, like usual. I spent the last two evenings building garage shelves. Rose accused me of thinking I'm 21 again yesterday, after I worked all day, then came home and spent 3 hours in the garage working.

I'm hoping the rain ends tonight and lets me ride tomorrow. Have a great day, all!

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Judy....so sorry to hear that you didn't have the best of days yerterday but, hey...having wine and cheesecake with someone you love has to be a good thing!!! Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

Bud, try and stay dry and bottle up some of that extra energy you have and send it my way. I can't imagine working for three hours in the garage after working all day. My hat's off to you!!!

It's a very nice, sunny day here today. It's been rainy and dreary here for a couple of days so it's great to see the sun.

OK...gotta get some work done. Hope everyone has a great day!!!


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