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Saturday's Air


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Morning All! My desktop weather says it's 62 degrees. The weather event predicted never developed to the extent it was expected. It's been that windy on a normal day. Upshot was Stan decided he'd sleep int he coach so we didn't get it ready for company. Now I have a houseful of people. It's o.k. but my house is little and the cleaning lady arrived at 9 am. Good thing it's just my daughter and her SO and my grandson.

I'm on the screen porch now while my cleaning lady finishes up in the main area of the house. I've been running around all day picking up after everyone so she can clean not spend her time straightening. I get a lot of flack for it, but that's the way I do it lol.

I'll be in and out but mostly out this weekend as the family is not leaving until late Sunday. We'll have Dominick tonight while his mom and boyfriend go out for Valentine's Day. We may take him out for dinner too, who knows.

Have a great day everyone.


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Good Morning everyone! Judy, how nice to have a cleaning lady :) I used a service for a while when my hubby was ill, but don't need one now. Except when my back starts hurting from mopping.....that's when I miss them.

Weather here is currently 52 degrees and the skies are clear which is nice.

My son's girlfriend was supposed to arrive here last night from Illinois but her connecting flight in Utah has given the poor thing a 12 hour delay :( From what I see on Delta's site her plane is boarding now (hopefully)

Anyone heard from Randy? He disappeared from all the FB friends listings! FB did that to me a few months ago and I had to re add most of my friends. Hopefully he hasn't been kidnapped! Perhaps we should start a ransom collection? LOL

Have a good week end everyone! (((hugs)))

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Good evening, everyone!

It was sunny and 48 degrees this afternoon, and it did a surprising job of melting almost all the snow.

I had planned on stopping by here this morning, but the day's plans took a quick left turn when I got an offer from a man wanting to buy a bike I've had for sale for a couple of weeks. I ended up spending the day cleaning, disassembling, and packing it for shipment to Florida.

I hope everyone had a great Saturday.

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