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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Can't believe 70 degrees would feel so good. Threw open the doors and took off my sweater and booties. And my disbelief? Before this year, my favorite KW winter temps were 80-82 lol.

After that marathon of work, this will be a very slow day. Thinking of turning down a neighbor's dinner invitation and skipping group. I need to regroup and chill before Stan gets home, probably tomorrow. Going to see if Crazy Heart is still at the Tropic Cinema and work that in with dinner for his BDay.

Have a great day everyone.


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Good morning friends.

Judy, so glad to hear that your work id caught up and you have some time to kick back and relax. I hate even thinking about tax time. I have everything for the office done but still have to do our personal taxes. I'm with you on the weather situation. Today is the first day in weeks, maybe months, that I have been able to wear a short sleeved shirt to work. Up until this point, it was pull over sweaters every day. According to the weather, we better enjoy this while we can, as another cold front is on its way. Thursday and Friday are supposed to be cold again, with lows in the 30's and highs near 60. The weather this year is absolutely bizarre! I hope this isn't a sign of bad things to come during hurricane season?

I'm getting into the routine of working 9 hours a day and then running home to my cooking, cleaning and nursing job. Hubby is doing very well and his therapist thinks he will only need therapy for three more weeks. I was so tired last night that I kept falling asleep whle watching ice dancing. I would doze off, wake up, rewind, watch a couple of minutes and then repeat the process. It took me forever to watch it all....lol

Lillian....I was really glad to hear that all your tests came back with good reports.

Hope everyone has a happy day!!!


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Good morning, everyone!

It sounds like you need a relaxing day, Judy, so I say just savor and enjoy it. Ann, it sounds like you're hanging in there well. I knew you would. Get rest wherever you can. When we get too busy, it's easy to forget how important rest is.

It's 32 degrees here. We're getting light snow, but so far the heaviest snow has stayed south of us. It looks like Waco is really getting hammered, but maybe we won't get a repeat of the 13 inches we got last time.

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning all! Not sure the temp here but we can just say cold I believe it is in the low 30's. It was hard to get up this morning because it was so cold in my place. My daughter has a cough and if she gets to warm it she really starts to get going with it, so it was a low heater night with my two kids and dog in bed, they stole all of my covers :cry:

Anyways, surgery is next Thursday March 4th, I can not wait to get it done with. The anticipation is getting the best of me.

Hope ya'll have a great day :D

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