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Friday's Air


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Well, I got here earlier than usual and thought I'd go ahead and open the windows and let the "AIR" start flowing in until Judy gets here.

Finally FRIDAY...my favorite day of the week. This has been a very long, tiring week for me, since I have been working 9 hours a day at my job and then running home and working at home until about midnight. The good news is (other than the fact it's Friday) that my hubby is doing great and progressing much faster than even the doctor expected. The therapist told him yesterday that he can now walk without the assistance of either a walker or a cane and he doesn't have to use the CPM machine anymore. The CPM is the thingie that you put your leg in and it bends your leg for you, to make sure you're getting enough movement in the knee after surgery. Hopefully, he'll be released to drive in 3 more weeks.

It's got really cold here last night, down in the 30's. It didn't feel too cold when I went out to my car this morning, since the sun was already shining. I think it's supposed to make 60 degrees today, if we're lucky. Our weatherman said last night that he thinks this will be the last cold front we have for this month. Wow...only two more days in this month, so nothing to get excited about. A couple nights ago, he said we should expect record cool temps here until May. Not what I wanted to hear but that could mean temps in the 70's instead of 80's, which would be fine with me.

Judy....I thought of you last night. I was doing some channel surfing and found a show on PBS called Wierd Florida. A strange guy and his boxer travel around the state and visit wierd places. They started out in Key West at Blue Heaven and the rooster graveyard. A couple of stops later and he was at the Coral Castle in Homestead. I switched back to the Olympics before he got to my neck of the woods. So, Judy, do tell us about this rooster graveyard?

So, what does everyone have planned for this weekend? I hope you can all find something to so that makes you smile. I'm going to go to the Grant Seafood Festival for a little while tomorrow. We have this every year and it attracts people from all over the place. They have great seafood......fried shrimp, scallops, clam strips, oysters, shrimp & tuna kabobs, linguini w/ clam sauce, Manhattan and New England clam chowder, deviled crabs, raw & steamed oysters, conch fritters, calamari and lobster bisque. They also have a fish dinner and their sweet puppies are to die for. The neat thing is that all the food is cooked and served by community volunteers. They use the money for community scholarships. They have bands all day, crafters and lots of exhibits. The best thing is that admission is free, which makes it nice for families. So...everyone come to Florida for the weekend and we'll eat a lot of seafood.


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O.k. Ann, now we have one Air with two openings LOL. I delete the other.

Morning All! Ann, however late, I opened the Air so you got your capital letters again! TGIF for you and Bud and Rose and Heidi and Randy and all the other working Joes and Janes.

It's only 58 in KW and it's 9 am. I really am sick of this. Even tho Stan get's up and puts our puny heaters on, I still need a sweater and slippers. And now, officially 69 yo, he's on the roof of our rental fixing a leak. Poor guy.

Last night was so much fun. I almost ruined it by working in the office later than planned. I was stuck on a bank reconciliation and hate to give up. I didn't leave much time to rest and get ready but got it together and glad I did. We really had a good evening. Found a parking place not too far from the Tropic Theater--a feat in itself! The movie was great. No parking problems at Square One restuarant. It's in Duval Square which has ample parking. The dinner was awesome. When Stan says it's great, you know it is. As I've said, he's a great cook and that makes him a very picky diner.

I had a terrific evening and still managed to get to bed by nine. Slept until eight--I'm catching up and feel good this morning. Determined to let my body do what it needs to do so I can stay in remission. Got to remember those Ativan when I get toooooo stressed like I did yesterday. I so wanted to go out but was very tired. Beauty of Ativan is it calms me but doesn't put me to sleep. Using it only occasionally keeps it effective.

Have a great day everyone.


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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It was cloudy and 44 degrees as I pedaled to work this morning. It's supposed to stay about that temperature all day, and there's a 30 percent chance of showers this afternoon, so whether or not I can get home dry remains to be seen.

Have a great day, all!

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WOOOOHOOOOO It is FRIDAY! Good morning Ann, Judy and Bud. Ann glad to hear the old man is recovering better than expected that is always a good thing :D Judy glad you had a great evening last night. Well and Bud stay dry and walk between the rain drops ok?

Well I had a pretty horrible headache last night went to sleep fairly early. Now at work this morning and feeling kind of loopy and a headache coming on again. Boy I can not wait for this to be over. Tonight we start counseling (marriage) not sure what to think of it. My husband who I am seperated from has asked me to please go with him so I agreed, considering he is paying my bills while I am off work with surgery, and I dont see it hurting us in anyway although I do not know if there will be much benefit. Any input from ppl on counseling? Do you feel it works?

Well plans for the weekend. Going to my hometown :D Going to hang with my brother and his wife and my best friend. I am sure there will be a bit of partying saturday night but one last fun night before surgery and recovery right? lol

Well it is cold high of 54 today and cant forget to mention MORE rain here in Oregon :P

Hope ya'll have a good day

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That Seafood fest sounds great.

Raining this morning and 49 degrees outside. Good excuse to not go outside and clean up plants. Rhubarb leaves are starting to unfurl, blueberries, roses, tulips, hydrangea, cherry, plum, and the fig are all showing signs of spring. Catching sight of lots of robins, and a pair of flickers, feasting on worms.

Time to work on my classwork.

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I have been away for a few days. Not trying to ignore anyone but get my exercise routine set. I am a morning person and if I don't do it early I just make excuses and don't do it at all. It is rainy and windy this morning so my walk was inside. Around the building then down the stairs walk across to the other end then down the up the stairs. Next I go from end to end of my building then out onto the breezeway between this building and the next for some air. Our apartments all open inside the building and I am a fresh air fanatic. Now after doing that 5 times it was on to the next building and down one stairs up the next across breezeway then down the stairs across my building then back up the stairs. Doing that after my stretches and 3 minutes of the twist and I am worn out :!:

I really can't complain about the weather. We still need the rain and temperatures in the 50s feel great to me. I can't take the heat and after living in heat and humidity for so long I will take cook 50s any day. Only bad thing today is that the wind is blowing toward my window so I had to close it. We have our fitness class in a half hour and I enjoy it but they have the heater on. I have to go to the door once in a while and get a breath of fresh air.

I have to go out this afternoon for my mamogram. They always make me nervous but this time is worse because I have been having pain in one of my breasts. I have cystic breasts so I am used to that but this is different and in one breast only. They say that pain is not usually a sign of anything serious but I am still scared. All prayers appreciated....

Well I guess Ihad better get off of here and get ready to go to fitness. I may make one more round of the buildings. Dieting and hoping that sooner or later this will pay off with some weight loss. I can't blame it on Thyroid because my test came back good. Other that the worry about breast pain I am feeling much better than I was. Who could have guessed that alergies and TMJ could cause such havoc?

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