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On Q Pump ?

Donna G

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Has anyone had an On Q pump for after a thorocotomy?

I have a friend who Had her left lower lung removed for lung cancer 10 years ago and this past week she had her right lower lung removed for lung cancer! They could not do it the laprascopic way, had to make the huge incision but unlike before when she had an epidural for pain, this time they inserted an On Q pump. It seemed to me to be wonderful. I could not believe the evening she came back from surgery she got up and walked to the bathroom! Of course she needed help to drag her IV and her chest tube but still-------amazing! THis was a Tuesday, on Saturday they pulled the chest tube and sent her home, she still had more numbing fluid in the On Q pump so it went home with her and her family were shown how to pull it when it got empty!

Donna G

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Donna, I am not familiar with that particular pump by am familiar with these self medicating devices that let the patient stay comfortable throughout the early healing process. My daughter had something like that after her surgery. I think it's great.


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