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Father is Back at home


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We brought my father home on Dec. 23rd and he was able to spend Christmas with us. His hospital bed is now in the living room and all his medical equipment right beside him. He is much weaker than when he was last home but he can at least get up and get on the bedside commode by himself and that is all we were waiting for to bring him home. He is much happier now that he is home. He still is complaining alot about everything. Sometimes it seems he complains just to complain. I just try to let it go in one ear and out the other because I know most of his anger is from this horrid disease not really from him. I know he loves me and is so grateful for my taking care of him. He tells me all the time when I have to set my alarm on husbands days off to come out and give him his pills. He tells me how good I am being to him but somedays I just feel like I am not good to him, like when I get frustrated by everything going on, or when he tells these lies and I have to tell him that it isnt true. I guess it all comes with the territory.

My sister has started emptying out his place up north so that is one thing we wont have to deal with afterwards. I think Dad is giving up though, He doesnt want to get out of the bed much. We will tell him he should sit up on the side of the bed at least to eat but he wont. We tell him we will help him in the wheelchair and take him outside for some air but he doesnt want to go. I think it has become easier for him to just lay there in that bed and let the days go by. It is hard for me because I want to treat him like a toddler and tell him what to do but I know he is grown and can make his own decisions and if this is what he wants to do than I guess I have to live with it.

Well friends, I just really wanted to let you all know that Dad has come home and so far we are hanging in there.

Take care, Shelly

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Glad to hear he is doing better Shelly.

When I stayed with my mother in the hospital she would say something and I would try to let her see that "whatever" her complaint was about it, wasn't that bad. She would tell me to stop because she'd have to work harder to find something to complain about. :lol:

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My dad has brain mets as well and I found that he is also complaining everything. His personality is changed due to the brain mets. It is really sad to see that. I know he thinks that he is leaving soon and is trying to "teach" us before his gone.

i don't know what should i say but really want to let you know that we are all here for listening. Hope the treatment for your dad is working and coming as soon as possible. hang in there.

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