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Morning All! I'm up and it's still dark so you know I don't like that lol. It's 67 degrees and they've changed the outlook for today to a high of 77. Yeah!!!!!! I was out in the shade room where I grow my orchids yesterday. It is a mess but I loved starting to clean it up. Don't have the stamina I used to have and only last a couple of hours. Time was I'd take a weekend day and be out there (with breaks of course) from morning to evening. Oh well, be glad I'm out there at all.

Heidi, I remember being babysat back in the seventies when I was in a wheelchair after a car wreck. It is not fun. Do enjoy that sunshine streaming through the window though. I guess the big question is, did the surgery acccomplish what you expected it to. Imagine that will take awhile.

Have to go get it together. Expecting company today. Also, the accountant had a death in her family and then we went away. Have to make sure she emails me the paper I have to sign to file our tax today.

Have a great day everyone.


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Good morning, everyone! Sounds like you had a nice trip, Judy.

It was 45 degrees with a stiff north wind as I pedaled to work this morning. I was already on tired legs after yesterday's 125 miles, so riding against the wind made for a slow trip to work this morning.

I didn't find the crappie Saturday, Judy. I thought all these sunny 60 something degree days we've been having would have them shallow to spawn, but I guess these 40 degree mornings still have the water a bit too cold, at least where I was.

The eastern sky was starting to get pretty light as I got to work last week, but with the time change, I'm back to arriving at work in the pitch dark. It's chemo day for Rose, and just another day of climbing machinery for me.

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning! Well another day closer to being healed :D Yes it gets kind of silly being babysat especially when you drop something and have to call for help or when the kids need something that I cant do. Oh well, just thankful I have ppl to help me with this and take care of me. As far as it being a success. The Dr said in one month I shoud "feel" like dancing and in one year I should be back to my baseline. However, the surgery is not a cure just a treatment and I have lifetime restrictions, such as no lifting over 25 pounds for the rest of my life, no impact exercises such as runnning and so on....but I have faith in my doctor, my body and most importantly God and I will be able to have a great quality of life. My symptoms are all gone thus far except for the surgery problems like the swelling and stiffness in the neck that makes me feel like I am being smothered.

Anyways, I think today I am going to look for some different kind of recipe and make some sort of dinner. I was thinking sweet and sour meatballs but we will see :shock:

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!

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Hi everyone,Welcome back Judy! Heidi I hope you get to doing better soon but in the meantime enjoy people watching after you. Its to cold here for fishing yet Bud but I have a brother who fishes year round. My grandson had a very close call last Sunday. We have a small city park here in town with a small lake in it. My grandson and his friend decided to take a shortcut across the lake on the ice.About a fourth of the way out they fell thru the ice.They could not get out of the 20 foot deep water because the ice just kept breaking off. Fortunatly 2 teenage girls walking the track heard their screams and called 911 on their cell phone. After about 4 attempts with a rope they finally got pulled in.They had been in the water about 15 minutes and were already going into hyperthermia. It was just getting dark and at his time of year not many people go to the park. I told my grandson they must of had a good guardian angel watching over them. No more will I cuss cell phones.

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