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Monday's Air


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Morning All! Temps back in the 60s again but not bad, 67. Got hot as hades yesterday afternoon. Just tolerated it until the club members came and the noseeums were awful. We had to close the doors to screen porch and put on the Airconditioner.

I stayed up way late last night and didn't get up til 8:30 so this has to be a quick hello and off to get something done. I told Stan to leave the stacked party dishes for me but when I got up he had it all done. He's the guy, I'm telling you. He's going away for awhile on a working trip and I will definitely miss him. But that's when I get the most office work done--nobody to play with. He's bringing Dominick back. He usually comes here for Spring Break.

Have a great day everyone.


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Thanks Ned. I deleted cookies and such and even got motivated to figure out how to change my homepage. It was driving me crazy because I couldn't get my email on Firefox opening page. I even learned to change the toolbars. When I came in here I still couldn't get the "since last visit" but think it's fixed now. I wasn't permanently logged in. I changed that and should be o.k. now. This is why I hated to change browsers. I've gotten really lazy lol.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 35 degrees as I pedaled to work, with a forecast high of 68 degrees. We just missed the snow, only getting a light dusting, but friends just a little north of here had enough to build a snowman. In Oklahoma City, where my sister lives, it was a full fledged blizzard. I did a little yard work yesterday, but with the 30 mph winds both days of the weekend, mostly just stayed in with the puppy.

It's support group day for me and chemo day for Rose. Have a great day, all!

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Good morning Judy and Bud....and all to follow.

Although I didn't get anything major accomplished, I had a really nice weekend. I got time with the grandbabies and I got to finally meet my new grand dog, Finn. I think I told you he was going to be named Harper, but kids are subject to change. Finn is a beauty. He's a lab/something mis and he's absolutely adorable. At 4 months old, he's quite active and has those sharp puppy teeth! We're going to be watching Ella, Jude and Finn while my son & DIl go to a concert tomorrow night, so this should be fun!

We got a lot of rain here yesterday afternoon and overnight. The high today is supposed to be 70. I just stepped outside and it feels pretty chilly, as there's a pretty good wind blowing.

Hubby and I finally went to see Crazy Heart on Saturday night. I really liked the movie and can definitely understand why Jeff Bridges was voted best actor for this performance. He was absolutely wonderful. As Simon Cowell would say about Idol contestants....he was absolutely beliveable in his role!

So, here's hoping all have a great Monday.


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