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Tests tomorrow


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Tomorrow is the EMG test. I am praying that my body will cooperate. I asked the Doc if my muscles are spasming, is that a bad thing during the test, and he said yes, they would have to stop the test. So I prayed for my muscles to be at rest.

I went one week with out a single muscle spasm. So much so that I began to question if this was a challenge that mysteriously went away. I was having issues every single day and then I was blessed with a week of freedom. Well, that ended today. I worked all day at the church office, and was winding my day up when a friend stopped by. We chatted for a 1/2 hour, and bam! My back, shoulder and ribs spasmed. I was shocked because nothing brought it on.

I packed up my computer and other stuff and said goodbye and got into my car and BAM! My left ribs went into a violent spasm, and when I reacted to that, my back muscles decided to attack as well. I put the car in drive, and drove arching my muscles trying to make the pain stop and got home, and they released just before I got home. And now I'm fine, no spasms as I prepare dinner.

So I pray for a good test tomorrow. I'll be on the table for about an hour, and hope, hope, hope my muscles will cooperate as they do this.

He is consulting with my Oncologist. When he heard me say that the chemo made my muscles feel like they were being stabbed with a knife, he perked up and asked lots of questions. So we shall see.

I know you will, and I thank you in advance. Pray for answers please. The not knowing is almost worst than the actual illness.


Judy in MI

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Judy, I can't imagine how awful this must be for you. To go from feeling just fine and "normal" and them BAM....spasm. I will pray, I am praying that your body behaves tomorrow during the EMG.

Sending hugs and good thoughts too.

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Judy you will be in my thoughts and heart today. I can't believe they didn't give you something to help you possible avoid a spasm during the test. I know they haven't found anything to stop them but perhaps since you went a week without one, an anti-anxiety pill or muscle relaxer might help keep the next at bay at least until after the test. These tests are stressful enough without worrying about them being interrupted.

Good luck and hope they tell you something definitive.

Judy in KW

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Thanks everyone! I wrote in Today's Air about this, but will update here too. The good news: No evident muscle disease, no neuropathy, no ALS, no MS, or other such disease. That is fantastic. Bad news: No diagnosis. Erggggg..............

I mean I certainly didn't want any of those diseases, but was hoping the test would give them an indication of what is going on. He said something in my blood enzymes was elevated, but he felt it was elevated because of the spasms. He told me to try Quinnine? Tried to do it by drinking a glass of tonic water, and yech!!!! So I'm off to the health food store to find it in a pill formula. I'm desperate for a solution, and pray that might be it.

KW Judy, he did give me Klonipin (Clonazepam) to take, which is a mild anti-anxiety medication, that actually does have some properties to relax muscles. He felt that is why I didn't have spasms for a week, but I took the Klonipin yesterday, and still spasmed. So who knows?

I see the Rheumatoid doc on the 27th, and am waiting for a referral to the Neuro doc. I'm working as hard as I can on my attitude. It can get depressing. But when I'm not spasming, I'm extremely happy and energetic. I try to take advantage of those times to enjoy activities while I can! And even when it spasms, I don't sit around at home. It does not matter what I do when it happens, so I might as well be busy! And that I am.

Tonight I made a nice fresh salad, with a garlic herbed pork roast, with mashed potats, and gravy. Was so yummy. Can't wait for the local farmers produce, it is so fresh and good! The stuff they truck here all winter is not ripe, and just not that tasty. Anyway it was good and I'm about to settle in to watch who gets eliminated tonight on American Idol. I don't want any of them to go, they are all so fabulous!

Judy in MI

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Judy - I was sure hoping you would get some firm answers, but it is reassuring to know that they have crossed out some of them. My dad has been suffering spasms (not as severe as you describe though) and muscle weakness/shaking hands for several years now. He, like you, has been through many tests and many specialists and even though they have been unable to give him a firm diagnosis (they think it is MMN) they have been treating him with IvIg and it has certainly helped him with several of the symptoms. I'm not saying that this treatment will help you, but I am really hopeful that they will come up with something to help you through these devastating (and scary) episodes and sooner rather than later.

I'm not sure how I missed this update from weeks before, but I will be thinking of you at your appointment tomorrow and hope it goes well. I'll try not to miss your next post!


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