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Wednesday's Air


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Oh stupidity! Wrote this post and *poof* it disappeared. Darn it. It's 3:18AM. Still feeling poorly. Cough is horrendous. But can tell I am improving. Scary that I need Ibuteral several times a day right now, but the Doc said it's okay to use it this way. Does help with the cough.

So..........where was I? Seems that in the middle of the night my fingers can't traverse the keyboard as well as during the day. My two cats are sitting at my feet wondering why I'm up at this hour!

Hubs is out of town for the week, so I'm on my own. Not much fun with this racking cough, pounding head and more. Have read 3 books in 4 days now. *sigh* Looking forward to getting better that is for sure.

Have an "interview" today for a woman that wants to help with Admin at church. Sure could use the help. Will find out what her commitment level is. So many want to help on a "as needed" basis. Can't utilize them because the "as needed" is a need for consistent folks that can be depended on for a regular basis.

So...we shall see! I hope she is one that can make a commitment and stick to it. I'm blessed to be able to volunteer as much as I do, but I'm getting burned out. I need to take a break from it all. I'd love to tell everyone, two weeks off!!!! Need to clean out closets, drawers, etc., and just don't get to it.

Next week I see the next specialist for my spasms. So looking forward to another "I have no idea what is wrong with you" deal. *sigh* again.

K, I can tell I need to go back to sleep. I can't type, and don't seem to have much to say!

Have a brilliant day! Supposed to rain today (again), and warm up. That would be nice.

Judy in MI

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Morning All! Sun started shining again yesterday. Hubby complains about the humidty but I don't think the temp is bad yet. Only 72 right now and in the summer we could wake up to 80s.

Judy, I'm so sorry you are feeling badly, especially since you are so busy at church. When my husband traveled, first thing was get everything all tidy like I like it. Then if that was done and I still had time, I loved pulling apart and rearranging cubboards and closets. No pulling apart here right now. I'm still trying to get the bedroom back together. It would be done if I wasn't compulsive about washing/wiping every piece before I put it back. Did the bathroom yesterday.

Forgot to report on my walk yesterday. AWESOME! I saw a dozen bunnies of various sizes and a cardinal singing his heart out. The walk was about a mile and a half and probably shouldn't have done it first time out but could see the little guys up ahead so went for it. Won't do it again today but probably tomorrow.

Went to group last night. Only Loreen and I for dinner. Went to a simple little Cuban place and took her for a drive all around the island. It was a beautiful night and the Royal Poinciana are gorgeous right now. All the talk is about the oil spill and the gobs they are already finding here. Will this be the demise of our already ailing reef. People are also scared about their livelihoods. What next?

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 68 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high for this afternoon is 88 degrees, and we still have a chance of storms through tomorrow.

Judy in MI, hope you feel better soon. I'm surprised at how much seems to be going around right now. Seems to me that we didn't used to have so much still going around in late May.

Judy in KW, glad you enjoyed your walk and evening out. I have group next Monday.

Nothing much going on here other than the usual grind at work. Have a great day, all!

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Want to hear something funny. That temp this morning was Orlando--it was 80 degrees here that early. I forgot to reset my desktop location when I got back. Hey you think it's cooler, you feel cooler lol.

Judy in KW

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Hayall, been nice here for a few days but clouded over yesterday and is cooling off again, sposed to get to 50 today. Rained most of last night and just drizzly now but staying nice and wet.

Judy in KW, heard on the news today the tarballs they are finding down there are not connected to the oil spill. Hopefully it won't get in that gulf stream and go up the coast. Just so sucks that this is what it comes to. I read a satirical article about environmental safety a few years ago. It talked about all we need to do is get all of that nasty dirty oil out of the ground and safely into refineries and storage facilities as quick as possible and that will solve all of the environmental problems with the oil itself. The way the article was written was pretty humorous and being an extreme advocate of resource production it just fit me right. It also talked about dropping nukes on Iran and Iraq to clean up the problem there, said that when the initial bomb was test in the New Mexico desert in 45 that it turned the sand to glass because of the extreme heat. If that's the case then it would turn all of Iraq and Iran into great big glass windows into the earth and we could see right where the oil is and just drill right where it is, saves the time of exploring for it.

I have a couple errands to run today but I've been down for a few days and really don't feel much like getting out, maybe a little later.

Hope everyone has a whole day, part of it has to be good.


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I finally figured out why I wasn't getting the view new posts - I was logged out - do I feel Un "computerized". It's almost a nice day here but for the having to be at work. It is Wednesday though - really looking forward to a relaxing weekend. My mom has been in the hospital for 2 weeks and 3 days now and they are finally talking about moving her to a rehab facility that won't be so out of the way. Bad thing is I am now taking care of my 14 year old nephew who lives with her - I am not a boy bringer upper - I had a girl - this is much much worse. 2 weeks to go til my just about one year post surgery x-ray - been so busy worrying about my mom that I haven't started to worry about that one. I will say that walking the walk from the parking garage to the hospital has increased my (bad word =) exercise/walking ability. Which will be good since I am walking in the relay for life here the first weekend in June. (Wow is May going by fast)

I'm so glad to ahve the View New Posts back I have to get busy reading now - I haven't seen the one about Ned but I'm looking forward to any good / nearly good / positve news on everyone - cause it's about time!


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Feeling a bit better this morning.

Just dropping by to say hi to Annette - great to hear from you. Oh boy, a 14 year old boy? Good luck with that. And I hope all goes well for your Mom. Of course, I expect your scans to be clean and lovely.

Have fun at your relay!

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I raised 2 boys and 2 girls and they were all about the same to raise with the exception of "the Talk", if you know what I mean.

14 y/o boys are really no different than 40, or 50 y/o boys, with the exception of the size and price of their toys.

Sending up good thoughts for your mom, Annette and for your hair which is in danger of being pulled out with frustration when dealing with a 14 y/o along with your sanity, lol.

You can always ship him here if you would like when you need a break. I remember what teenagers are like......oh! wait!....I still have one!


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