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For the most part/updated 7/1


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Even though we have a mixed bag of nuts again I decided to put this here as good news.

Tom's latest scan show's that he is still cancer free after 2 1/2 years. The last 2 years has been without any kind of follow up treatment. And this is after having been diagnosed at stage IV. I just cannot believe it has been 2 1/2 years already. Thank you God!!

However, he has an aneurysm in his ascending thoracic aorta. That would the area between his heart and where the aorta starts to arch behind the heart. This is measuring just shy of 2" in diameter. Kinda scary. He also has a blood clot in the distal descending thoracic aorta. That would be the area approximately near the diaphram.

I am taking this info off of the report I picked up at the hospital today. The official appt with the onc isn't til Tuesday. He was the one that ordered the scan which was a routine 6 month scan. We decided not to wait for the onc appt and got an appt with the primary for tomorrow morning. He will be the one to give us the referral for a new cardiologist as his old one flew the coop to somewhere in greener pastures.

The aneurysm was not noted on the last scan 6 months ago so this is all new.

We will see what the course of action is going to be tomorrow I guess.

It never ends.

I think a few prayers are needed.



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Denise, the cancer free part is indeed fantastic news... As for the rest, I guess you just have to see what the doctors have to say about it. I'm so sorry that there has to be a downside of this report. Just know that , Tom has my prayers and I hope this isn't nearly as scary as it must seem to you right now. Hang in there and let us know, please.



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All's good on the western front!!!

We went tothe surgeon and we went over all Tom's history with the assistant first. Then the surgeon came in. We talked about how this aneurysm just popped up in just six month time. She says she went through all the previous scansfor comparison and this thing has been there the whole time but no one has ever noted it because they were to busy looking for other things like cancer. Dr. McAfee says that it has been stable and has not grown in years.

If surgery were warranted it would require open heart again. They cannot stent it because of the close proximity to the other vessels that branch off the aortic arch. They would have to do a fabric graft. The doc says though that it is still small in as far as aneurysm's go and we want to avoid surgery at all costs.

So the plan is to take a beta blocker (Toprol) which he was on before after the bypass 6 1/2 years ago. He will most likely go back on plavix too for the blood clot. Then we just do a watch on it with each subsequent scan.

I could not believe my ears. No cancer, no heart surgery!!

Thank you God!!!


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