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Saturdays Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everybody,

Cloudy bright this morning, warm, wind has gone.Never posted yesterday,I had such a "busy"day,out and about in the morning shopping with Sally and passing on to Rhoda her retirement pressie,tearful goodbye and that was only me,we will still keep in touch.Home to the world cup footie,watch Holland knock out Brasil,surprise,surprise.Imeadiately afterwards Andy Murry being knocked out by Rafael Nadal at wimbers,no surprise no surprise,that Nadal is so good, Andys boogieman.Then to top off a great day,Uruguay V Ghana what an exciting game,extra time and penalties,I wanted Ghana to win particulaly since they were the last African team left in the competition,but they were put out.

Bud thanks for your interesting story regarding cycling routes to work,your rbent website is so good and the presentation letter and maps were so professional,I really hope you got some favourable response from the Fort Worth bike park director.Your 4th July plans sound great,you mentioning the pool party has me envious,having a swimming pool at home is the ultimate status symbol in Scotland,so you would be regarded as being quite posh here,think I will bask in some reflected glory here by telling my friends I have a buddy in America,who owns a speed boat and has a house with a swimming pool.I would probably think in your climate a swimming pool is more a necessity rather than a luxury.

Judy,loved your stars and stripes,hope you have a great independace day,and enjoy the fireworks display.This is my first independance day,sharing with American friends,its kinda infectious,think I will call my friends round to-morrow and have a barbie.Should we have a chorus of "Down with the British" in keeping with the fun?

Good to hear from you again Donny,hope you are feeling much better,intrigued to know what duck races are,would love to cycle your Platte River Parkway cycle route,sounds really beautiful,Ill bring along my camera.

Think everyone agees we want to see our cities and towns made more bike friendly,and as Bud says think of the benefits of using less petrol (gas) I am going to fill up this morning and it will cost me £1.20 per litre,you do the maths to convert into dollars per gallon,think you get a better deal?

Bye for now ,have a great holiday weekend "Down with the British".

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Hi All,

Gorgeous day with a beautiful breeze, going to be a good day on the boat. Our friends are bringing their two kids (pre-teen and teen), and those kids are so much fun. Looking forward to boating, munching, and a BBQ afterward. They are excited to watch fireworks from our backyard! Me too.

Taking the puppy with us, for her first boat ride. Hope she's okay with it. It's always interesting to see how dogs adapt to this. Our other dog can't go on the boat, he gets all anxious and acts like he feels trapped, and whines the whole time. Not fun.

Eric, sounds like quite the sports day for you! Don't know the conversion equation from your money to ours, so can't compare gas prices. Our gas is at $3.00 a gallon. I agree that we need bike friendly roads. Bud is right, the bike paths around here are on country roads and would not get someone to work through the metro area.

K, got to go pack towels, and coolers, etc. See you later!

Judy in MI

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Hi Judy,

$3 a gallon?well at £1.20 a litre here(1.75 pints approx to the gallon)means roughly £5.00 per gallon,havent checked the money markets for while lets say $1.50 = £1 therefore 5x $1.50

= $7.50 per gallon in the Uk.Think you are the lucky ones.

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Good evening, everyone!

Eric, the pool isn't mine, it's a community pool, run by the home owners association here. There is a separate pool for very small children, complete with water cannon and other toys. It's pretty nice. I'm thinking the only thing better than your own swimming pool is one that's kept up by someone else. MI Judy, I hope your puppy did well in the boat, today.

I completed my 200k ride today, 125 miles, total. It was the local randonneuring club's annual 4th of July weekend brevet, but this year's ride had something extra. At mile 65, the 20 or so riders stopped at a small country church 5 miles west of Covington, and had a short ceremony where good friends Steve and Peggy, who recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, renewed their vows. Afterward, there was cake, fruit, and other snacks served.

The entire ride, there were heavy clouds that looked like could turn loose rain any minute, but we got 120 miles with no more than sprinkles. The last 5 miles, though, I rode in a downpour.

Here is the poem Steve and Peggy asked me to read at the ceremony:

What can I say, in a positive way? How can I sway you to come out and play,

On a lean, clean machine in a beautiful scene? Who of you will dare to put wind in your hair,

Rain in your face and leave never a trace, of having ever been there?

When it's all said and done, what makes cycling fun? Is it better in winter, or in the hot sun?

Do you like warm wherever you go? Or when your tires go "crunch" in the snow?

Do you like racing with crowds that cheer? Or touring along with a bird's song in your ear?

I can ride for hours by beautiful flowers. Mile after mile with bugs in my smile.

I find rolling hills to be so sublime, and even the hardest, mountainous climb! Can you tell why my heart pines,

For quiet country roads with Burma Shave signs? Sometimes I get a thrill from "screaming down hills",

Or a fog covered road laced with daffodils. It's easy to see what it all means to me.

I've seen places and faces as fine as can be. Often at night, stars so bright,

I ride with my love in the pale moonlight, past farms with cows and stacks of hay.

Crickets and frogs cheer us on our way. We ride in the morning and then at sunsets,

And know that this is as good as it gets. Not even flat tires can alter our mood.

When I'm tired I dine on the best tasting food. What can I do to get through to you?

Why should you ride? I haven't a clue. Sometimes after long rides in a group we might sit,

And all with agree, "IT FEELS SO GOOD WHEN WE ARE DONE."

The bride and groom:


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