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Afternoon All! Well everyone must be having a busy Friday. It's hot here as it is everywhere. Don't even check the temps anymore. It's probably 90-something wherever you are.

Off to the Social Security office as early as I could. Got there, no quarters for the meter. Moved twice til I found a safe 30-min spot. Got inside and they took my bottle of water. Forgot to pick it up when I left and it was one of my favorite glass bottles. They copied my letters and said a claims person would look into it. If that person couldn't resolve it, the manager would. Someone would contact me. Left realizing he never took my phone #. They left me on hold 15 min and I finally hung up. I HATE dealing with gov agencies!

Home at last and beyond tired. Came back from town to get a bank deposit together for Stan, do a quote and 2 invoices. Called the hospital to have orders sent to KW. Another argument about that. Got to google and find a Cancer Center in OH for the next trip. Maybe I'll go back and sleep in the coach tonight and pretend I'm still on the road lol.

Judy in KW

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Good Evening Everyone.

Judy, I left you looking after the store,wheres all our customers gone,mind you I am one to talk,sorry been a bit busy last two days,anyway paintings all done,wallpapering starts Moday,anyone remember,do you paper towards or away from windows? (something to do with casting shadows at joints) Oh before I forget,weather Ditto.

Couple of days ago,I put in for a repeat prescription,to my surgery,doc refused to issue it, wanted to see me first for a chat,she was absolutely delighted about my reaction to my dx,and the positive things I am up to,told her about this site,she really showed her interest,left her with some Roy Castle Magazines for the waiting room,finally gave me my prescription,for simvastatin and adcal for my osteoporosis,she dosnt believe my CT scan in this respect and is senting me for a bone dexa scan,she is going to sent me for a test for my thyroid,which my CT scan says had shown some structural changes,so a least she is taking notice of what my CT scan says, but maintains they contribute nothing to lung cancer survival rates and only increase patients anxiety levels,being only based on a American system of money generation(her words not mine) I reiterated that physcologically? I would prefer the discovery of metz,early rather than later with a X-ray.Her reply, Eric, it makes no difference to the post treatments you will receive,and certainly will not enhance your survival chances,and the earlier you were told about your metz,just means the longer you suffered anxiety.Oh just for a comparision of our respective health systems,we pay £4 for each drug in our prescription regardless what the drug is,but anyone over sixty get them free.

Hoping for a sunny day to-morrow,going with my sister Dot,her son Derek and her granddaughter Emma,to the Glasgow Festival which starts to-morrow,so its a great photo oppertunity for me,gosh is Chris is going to be busy posting them in here,along with the previous science centre,and the community awards,possibly a cure for all you insomniacs out there.The Festival starts at George Square outside the City Chambers(political town hall)and the parade leaves at 11.30am to march to Glasgow Green,where all the festivities begin. Relax my hols end shortly,and I wont have the same time to disturb the peace.

Bud talking about the temperatures you are exposed to,I just couldnt cope with the activities you undertake at the same time,its a bit like out of the cooking pot and into the fire.I just loved the pic of your dawg,he looks so sad an in such need of a pet.

Judy MI,hope the carpets now laid and is looking cool,my offer is still open for you to come over to help me choose mine.

Judy KY,I really sympathise with you and having to deal with unsympathetic petty officialdom in government offices.As Frank Sinatra says Its very nice to go travelling,but its so much nicer to come home.Welcome home.

Bye,see you all to-morrow,enjot the rest of Friday(mines nearly finished).

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Never heard of the wall paper trick - but since I haven't wall papered or lived with it since 1981, I haven't needed it. Intuitively, I'd say you paper towards the window. That way if the newest paper has a slight overlap of the previous, the light shouldn't catch the seam. Of course, I don't think the professionals have any overlap.

I finished painting the top rail of the deck this morning - second coat. It looks nice and clean, for a moment. Now the stairs and landing look bad. At an hour or pushing it to two at a time, this could take some time.

I love that I am finally qualified for Social Security Disability payments - and the first piece of mail I get is a "Ticket to Work" - they'll pay for me to go to a job counselor or enroll in a rehab program to get me back to work. Rehab this! Wish I could just take the money.

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Hi All, well it's late here. Had a meeting today a couple of hours away. My GPS would not cooperate and wanted me to drive about 30 miles out of my way. Even though I went the way I knew I needed to go, the witch recording kept instructing me to make legal U Turns and turn around. Arrrgh.

Then I got home and hubs comes in and asks me to not be mad. He drove the mower over the cable TV cable, and we now have no cable until Tuesday. Urrrgh!

Then I notice how hot it is in the house. The AC does not work. It's hot and humid out, and no AC. Urrrgh again!

And then when I woke this morning I saw that puppy girl got into my purse and proceeded to chew open the bottle tops of all my meds and the meds were strewn all over the place. A secret place in my heart hoped she ate my spasm pills and that they would kill her!!!!! Errrrgh!!!

She chewed my shoes, the gum in my purse, my wallet, my medications, and more. She is lucky she is so cute for if not, I'd have strangled her.

So here I sit, hotter than hell, no TV, a naughty puppy, and a ornery husband who went to bed early because nothing was going his way.


Judy in MI

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