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Oxygen level in blood


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what is the normal oxygen level range in blood? My dad was 92 yesterday, is it marginal? At what level my dad should put on oxygen mask?

What does that low oxygen level means? Why's that happen? Today, his glucose level in blood is low that doctor injected to my dad.

Please do keep my dad in prayers. He is with low fighting spirit now and today he told me on the phone that he thinks he cannot get through (win) this time. :(

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I am not sure what is normal for oxygen level in the blood. Mine is usually 97-98. If you dad's hemoglobin is low, has he had blood transfusion. When I was in the hospital with pneumonia, they gave me two units of blood because my hemaglobin was low. Per my doctor, hemaglobin is what they use to monitor oxygen going to the organs, (heart,brain,kidneys,lungs & etc..) I hope this helps and you and your dad are always in my prayers.

Hugs and God Bless


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I believe the theory here is to administer oxygen if the saturation is below 90. Mine ran 97-98 afyer they removed my left lung but is about 93-95 (when at rest) since radiation. I use oxygen when exercising and at night per doctors orders. You and your dad are in my prayers. I understand it needs to fall below 90 when exercising for insurance to pay for it but don't quote me on that.

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The oxygen level in a person with normal breathing runs in the high 90s when tested with an oxomiter(On the finger) there is also a blood gas test that can be done. A person with COPD can have an oxygen reading of 90 to 95 and be considered normal. I suspect that cancer can cause a lower reading too. Having low red blood cells affects the oxygen in your system and often makes a person short of breath as well as fatigued. The problem with the oxomitre is that it can be affected by many things, nail polish being one of them. This test is used for a general idea. To have an accurate idea a blood gas test should be done. That will tell the balance of the blood gases in a persons system. This too can be inaccurate if it is not taken the proper way or the testing is not done properly. I sugest that if you have it done you make sure it is in a place that you trust as well as the one who does it.

I don't know about medical insurance but I do know that with Medicare a person's oxygen reading has to fall to 88 or below before they will pay for the oxygen. The concentraters work great at home and for travel I suggest the smaller tanks that can be carried in a small shoulder bag. Medicare will also pay for that if you qualify. I hope I have answered some of your questions.

I have done a lot of research on the subject but I am not a doctor. You need to take these questions to his doctor. Also type in blood oxygen levels in the search area of your computer you can get a lot of information there. Hang in there and try to keep your dad from getting depressed or over anxious those are the worst things possible for his health and his quality of life. He needs to have a good attitude to fight those things can rob him of that. A theropist trained in working with cancer patients would be a good thing if you have that option.

God Bless and get you through this bump in the road. Lillian

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