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Eric at Glasgow Parade

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Hi Everyone,

I really should explain Photo No 5 as you scroll,the two "Women " pushing the pram,up until the sixities,most Glaswegians didnt own a washing machine (or even had a bath in their houses)so the Council provided each district with public baths and washhouses,because of the steamy environment within the washouses,full of woman doing their weekly washing they were nicknamed "The Steamie" it was a great occassion for women getting to-gether to have a "Blether".It became the subject of a very popular play in Scotland,which I have seen several times and still makes me laugh.As a boy I used to go once a week on a Saturday morning (whether I needed one or not LOL)to get a hot bath for 2 shillings and a sixpence (Known as half a crown) I think that was about 20 cents in your money.

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