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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Hi Judy beat you this morning ha-ha,woke up to another lovely sunny day,see our weather isnt always lousey.Is this Labour Day weekend?enjoy the extra day everyone,in Scotland we have bank holiday Monday at the end of the month,some of us also get the Friday as well (me for example tee-hee).

Judy MI,thanks for your indoor carpet bowling link,never knew its history,I came over all faint when you said English origins,Scottish if you please!!.I am surprised it is not played in the US of A ,its so popular in Scotland,I think whoever introduces into America will make an absolute fortune.Briefly,its a game that can be played at any age,so most Scots when they retire will play golf and or bowls,the game can be played in pairs,or small groups of twos,threes or fours against another similar sized team,in summer its played outside,on prefectly manicured grass surfaces,good gardeners here, will often boast that their lawns are like a bowling green.It is patronised by the most friendly and polite of Scots,prior to starting the game everyone shakes each others hands and greets them with the words "Good Game" A small yellow ball(jack) is rolled out onto the grass/carpet,distance deliberately varied,each time to try and upset the opposition,and the object is to roll your bowl to finish as close to the jack as possible,oh the bowls have a weight (bias) inside them so that it cannot roll in a staight line but in a curved path,so the skill is in adjusting your release for the curve in aiming for the jack,you may finish at the jack,with your shot but skilled players can strike your bowl out of the way,as in curling for example,its all great fun,why dont you all come over,I will pay for a rink and the wee refreshments as we play.

Got an invite to a birthday party to-day,its at Susans new house (of SUMO)yeah Maureen will also be there,so its going to be great fun.Barbie will be on,on such a fine day,bang goes my diet again(I have been sticking to it you know).Hoping to talk Chris into coming to Airdrie to morrow, to help me send in my Edinburgh,Loch Lomond and Pipe Band pics,oh dear there are so many good ones I hate editing some out,yes I know he provided me with an idiot proof guide to doing this by myself,but its still not Eric proof,anyway he just does this so fast my head spins.

Have a great day everyone,catch up with you later.

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Morning All It says 66 degrees now but Stan and I didn't sit out yet this morning. It felt a lot colder than that to me when I got up at 7 am. He's busy watching hunting on TV. Fall is in the air and he's got the bug.

Didn't have time to check out Judy's link Eric, but I recognize the term "bowling green." It's a location in the US, one in Ohio Stan says.

Bruce, sounds like great plans for the farm. It never hurts to have entertainment for the kids even when they are grown. But Stan's friend/co-worker in NJ just got a horse and it has displaced us at our idyllic field where we used to park our RV. The family is living there now and with the horse taking our former so convenient space, we won't be staying long this year.

We FINALLY found the Mennonite stand where we used to get flowers and produce when we lived here. Our friends told us where it was and I had it all wrong! We'd been driving around looking for it in the wrong place. Lovely young girl waited on us. We chatted for awhile. We'll go back today to get a loaf of fresh baked bread. They are making wheat bread now that she says is very easy to digest. We went to another Mennonite market and I got more jam. I won't buy store bought jam all winter. I have an assortment now: blackberry, peach, cherry and my find yesterday--strawberry/rubarb! When I was a kid they cooked the rubarb and mixed it with strawberries for a pudding-like dessert. Anyone familiar with that?

Anyway, I ramble, but get the idea I'm having fun. LOL

Have a great day everyone.

Judy still in Kutztown

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Good morning all! It's a crisp 55 degrees here. Whew! That change came fast. We still have many warm days ahead, but we're slidiing into that Autumn mode now. Leaves are beginning to turn. They always do once the night temps start to dip.

Didn't sleep well last night. Hubs called me a rolling alligator, rolling the covers into a ball around me. He does not understand what it's like to sleep with spasms in the ribs, legs and feet. The doc gave me some numbing medication to put on my feet if they spasm. Got up at 3:00AM to put it on, only to discover later I put nasal spray on my feet, not the numbing medication. LOL! My toes did breathe much better after that but it didn't do much for the spasms. Oh boy! What a goof.

I'm not upset about it. I will call Monday and insist on going to the specialist's specialist. We have to find a solution to this.

Day 2 of vacation. Hubs went goose hunting at dusk last night. We have so many of them here they are like rats. Had a quiet night at home.

Eric, that bowling sounds like fun for sure! We have a lawn game here that sounds similar to that. It's called Bocce ball. Here's a link to that game too! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bocce

Judy, love going through the Mennonite country. They home baked goods are so good. The jams sound delightful. I do know of the rubharb/strawberry dessert. We often make it into a pie here too. Very good with vanilla ice cream. Of course anything is good with vanilla ice cream.

Well, waiting for hubs to fix breakfast. Love how he waits on me hand and foot. I'm a lucky girl!

Judy in MI

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