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Sunday's Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Up early again this morning (7am)overcast skies again,but dry,weather yesterday couldnt make up its mind,sunny one minute then showers the next,ad finitum.

Jennifer and I had a great day yesterday,she googled tips in Glasgow but came up blank,so we deposited her junk in my local tip in Airdrie,took us two trips.Chris didnt accompany us he had band practice to attend,some things never change, I remember in my youth singing in a band and sending a demo tape to the Beatles at Abbey Road,we received a lovely Apple logo headed letter by return from them,saying thanks but no thanks,wonder what happened to that letter, probably worth a fortune now?

Stephanie really surprised Ikea had made the transatlantic trip also,yes the cateteria does meatballs,I had a Hot Dog and a fruit juice for only £1.40 and you could refill your cup from the dispenser as often as you wanted for free,amazing.Jennifer and I were locked in conversation when we parked in their huge car park,that when we left the store neither of us could remember exactly where we parked,must have spent at least twenty minutes locating it,pushing a trolley up and down the aisles,to add to our embarrassment,there was a couple standing by their car opposite,gave us a round of applause,they had spotted our dilema from the outset,and were happy to watch our progress to completion,what a red neck.

Boy the birds have really taken to my feeders,I am having to refill them daily,just watched a huge wood pidgeon on a tiny perch,pecking away at a fat ball.

Judy thanks for your update on Ducks Unlimited,I am really amazed,and feel quite squeemish about,the popularity about hunting of wildlife in America,,I have never met anyone in my entire life that hunts,I think all the wildlife in Scotland is protected but for a few private pieces of land maintained for hunting Red Deer and grouse(and haggis)but it is an exclusive club for the aristocracy and the very rich upper classes of English and Germans for some reason?Always felt a bit sorry for the Red Deer at my older brothers house in Glen Strathfarrer,where the deer is hunted,as they come down to his house throughout winter to be fed and are quite tame.

Donnie, good to hear you are doing a bit better,may that continue,I also find company health insurance quite strange,we have National health insurance here in the UK,which is deducted from our pay along with the appropriate level of tax,so we dont have to work out our tax bill as you do in America,everyone in the UK has "free"access to healthcare,employed or not,this also includes any tourists or visitors from abroad.

Off to ABC this morning,then visit Irene this afternoon,catch you all later,enjoy your Sunday everyone,byee.

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Good afternoon everyone, Sunday church, visiting friends, and enjoying a spectacular day of 68 degrees and lots of sunshine.

Eric, I understand about the bird feeders. We usually take them down in the Spring when the birds can find their own food, but this year we kept them up all year and I love seeing the woodpeckers, finches, doves, hummingbirds and other assorted birds out there. We will put out double the amount we have out now for the winter as they do struggle to find food when there's a foot of snow on the ground.

As for the hunting.........

We deer hunt avidly here (not me but others). We must do this to control the deer population. They are so abundant here that we have a lot of car/deer crashes which can be deadly. They run around in herds and are constantly running out on the country roads I live on. I've hit four deer in my life. Two of them ran into the side of my car, never saw them coming. So they start with bow season October 2, then gun season starts November 15, and then muzzle loader season starts December 1. This gives guys 3 chances to fill their freezers with meat, and controls the population. Now, most permits are for the male deer as that is the culprit for obviously impregnating multiple females. They limit the amount of doe permits they allow out.

My husband does go deer hunting, both with a bow and a gun. But if he gets a deer, we donate the meat to a soup kitchen or homeless shelter so that what we get goes to a worthy cause.

He also hunts turkeys. Turkeys used to be underpopulated, and for years they gave out very limited amounts of turkey licenses. However, in the years since, they have populated to the extreme, and it's nothing to see a dead turkey on the side of the road, and when you see that you know someone has a broken windshield, or worse to their vehicle.

Same with Canadian Geese. We call them flying rats here because there's so many they are a complete nuisance! We keep a statue of a swan on our lawn because we do not want them doing their poo poo on our yard. They hate swans, so it keeps them at bay here, but I will tell you they are the bane of anyone that lives on a lake.

Any kind of hunting must be done with a license, that way the DNR (Dept. of Natural Resources) can control the population of all species, the over populated and the under populated.

So there's your hunting lesson for today on America! LOL!

Judy in MI

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Hey folks

Just got the internet connection set up on the farm. Funny how you get to depend on computer's so much these day's.

I hunt here as well Eric. Like Judy, I make sure everything is put to good use. I never hunt anything that I will not eat and only hunt as much as needed. In Newfoundland you had to submit an application for a draw to get a moose license. The average was that you would get 1 every 4 years. But the population had grown that there were alot of car/moose accidents and many people were getting killed on the highway's. So they had to increase the number of moose license's given out each year to control the population.

Ducks Unlimited own the quarter section behind my farm. This area is a flyway for the Canada geese and is 1 of the 2 best hunting area's in Canada. Sometimes it is difficult getting to sleep at night as they fly over my house to the next quarter.

I have plenty of deer on my land Judy. I counted 13 white tail the other morning when i was having a tea on the deck.

well I better try to catch up on some of the post I missed over the last couple weeks. Take care

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