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Hello Friends,

Haven't been here for a while. Dad's LC diagnosis changed to Ewing's Sarcoma, so my researching has changed, as well. Just venting frustration with this whole cancer nonsense. Poor Dad feels awful and is frightened and very in need of support. Treatment just started and it is intense, in-patient, 3-5 days each cycle. Scary stuff...I am jsut so upset that this disease has entered our world and really messed with the flow of everything. It feels so selfish to be angry, but that is where I am. I just want normal back. Thanks for listening.


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I hear you Kristin as I'm sure do most of us here. It's hard not to be angry. Wow, 3-5 days inpatient does sound intense. How many days between cycles? Can he go home in between. Did they tell you how many? I did six cycles in the beginning, every three weeks outpatient. Nothing like you Dad but I think I can tell you that for many of us, the first cylces of chemo (in my case 1-6) were the worst. For example, three chemo agents all together vs one now. Wish you, your Dad and all your family some peace. Hope he'll get a break soon.

Judy in KW

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How frustrating this must be. I did a Google search only to see that Ewings Sarcoma is a cancer that does not know where the primary site is. It sounds and acts like a bone cancer only it's not. How frustrating.

Your Dad must be so frightened. All that in-patient time must just stink! I so feel for you.

I hope that you all find time to just love each other, and not focus on the disease, but on your love for each other.

Judy in MI

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I hear your frustration. It's ok to be angry that the cancer has changed things. You need to mourn the old normal and learn how to live a new normal. Even if your father is cured the cancer will change things. You don't ever look at life in exactly the same way again. There are many aspect that will be painful, but there can be some positives as well. My prayer for you is that the positive will outweigh the pain.


ps come here when you need to vent. It can be a lifesaver.

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