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And now something completely different;


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I am able to sit up a little longer the last couple days so I am attempting to learn a bit more about my computer. Soooo.

I learned how to upload some of my basement music.

This was recorded in 2001 in my basement on a cheap Yamaha multi-track cassette recorder. Then it was downloaded to my computer to use some computer softwear to attempt to clean it up, (lose some fidelity), then it was converted to WAV format to record to CD, (lost more fidelity). Now it had to be converted to MP3 in order to upload to the internet, (lose more fidelity). So the final result is rather muddy but it's here so enjoy if you can.

Donny Fogle performing The Beatle's Nowhere Man.


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That sounds really good. If it's lost quality I can't imagine how good it must have sounded originally. Wow...you just can't get any better than the Beatles. Some of the happiest days of my life have been spent with Beatles tunes playing in the background. Now, my grandbabies love the Beatles. Wow...where has time gone. See, your music took me on a really good journey!

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Dennis' favorite Beatles song was In My Life . That song was on the very first album, Rubber Soul, that he actually bought with his very own money that he had saved. He always loved that song and just a few days before he died, he asked me to play it for him. That song is so special for me know and every time I hear it, I know how much he loved me. He told me that although he loved the song before he loved me, that was his song for me. At his memorial service we played that song...along with a lot of other music he loved. I think some people were a little taken back at Stevie Ray Vaughn tunes at a memorial service. I didn't let it bother me, as that service was all about Dennis, who he was and what he loved!!!

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