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Hi Early Stagers - just a shout out to say hi to all of you and hope things are well. I know a lot of us don't visit as much as we used to but to all of my "peeps" I just wanted to let you know I think of you often and hope life is treating you well!

If you get a moment drop a line and say "hi".



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Hi there Linda!

I visit all the time, just not much to say, fortunately! I am nearly 7 1/2 years out from surgery, but those days are so burned in my mind it always seems like yesterday.

What helped was knowing that others survived all this and I found all that information right here on LCSC. Connie B of course was, and still is, my hallmark of success.

Life is busy right now, which is a good thing, but I will always find time to keep up with all the folks here. They kept me going when nothing else could.


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Hey Linda - so good to see you!!

I have been so busy and with the 'invention' of Facebook, find it hard to 'fit' everything in sometimes!

This last June was 7 years from surgery and I am doing wonderful. I know that every day is a gift and try to make sure that I remember that each morning when I wake up!

Will make an attempt to stop by more often!

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