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Thursday's Air


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Good morning. Our Judy seems to be AWL so I thought sense I have a morning of no rushing I would open the air today.

I was really burned out last night and still a little slow this morning. I always tend to get carried away and volunteer for the majority of the cooking when we have an event then pay for it later :(

For those who didn't see on Facebook I am a little excited about an event our Service Coordinator is working on. Sense most of the people where I live are either very old or have many health problems most could not participate in Relay for Life. My feet problems seem intent on keeping me from doing so. Because of that Karleen has gotten in touch with the American Cancer Society and trying to organize a Rock A Thon for us. Katie has suggested we do it for Lungevity and has offered to help organize. I am not sure if it can be switched now that things have been started but I am hoping to learn that any funds we raise can be designated for Lung Cancer research. I will let you know what I find out.

I am really starting to get excited about my trip. I always enjoy it but before I leave I tend to be both excited and dread it a little too. It is always great to spend time with my family and sense I have such a small portion of the year with them the time seems to be more quality time. On the other hand after being away from home a month that last month is harder because I start missing my own things and my own routine. I am also used to having a lot of time alone. I would never want to not go but that feeling of being torn has been a part of my whole life for one reason or another. Just something I have to get through and be thankful that I am able to travel. Many are not.

Oh well I may go for a short walk or do some kind of exercise. Our weather is finally starting to look and feel like Fall and I am so ready for it. Have a great day everyone.

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Good morning everyone.

Lil...I had to laugh when I read about the Rock-a-thon. Knowing you, I'm sure that the Rock-a-thon could be twisting the night away in that poodle skirt of yours while listening to some good old music!!! So...I think you need to let us know what kind of "rocking" you plan on doing????

It's a nice overcast day here on Florida's Space Coast. We finally got some rain yesterday afternoon....not much...but every little bit helps. It had been 22 days since we've had a drop of rain and things are very dry here. The risk of fires is very high here right now and that scares me a lot.

I'm almost ready to start my countdown to Friday. Anyone want to count along???

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It is rocking chair rocking. Believe me most of my neighbors are in their 80s so it will have to be the chair. Believe it or not some days I do end up twisting or dancing in some other way I need the exercise and still have the dream of someday getting back to my pre quit smoking days of weight. It just gets to me that I quit for my health and end up with all of this extra weight and health problems that I never had when I was smoking :shock: Oh well I am still glad that I quit.

You know I guess I will always be a California girl. It just amazes me that we go months every year without rain and don't consider it a drought unless we have several years of very low rainfall or none. In Louisiana and Florida and some parts of Texas and other states can go a few weeks and it is a drought!!! I do understand though. I know how those heavy rains come and go. I always knew in Louisiana to never pray for rain because there it is either all or nothing :!:

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Hi all! Thanks for starting Lily and for chiming in Ann. I'll count down to Friday with you even tho one day is the same as another for me lol.

I had to be at my PCP's office today at 9 am for an echocardiogram. Standard six-week thing now I've been on chemo so long. As I've often said, I am NOT a morning person.

I had to stop at the grocery for a couple of things and when I got home the fed ex from Patient Access was here. Spent the next couple of hours copying stuff and filling out the form. Stan took it back in and fed ex'd it back out for me. Got to figure out if I'm going to keep waiting or just go ahead and start it out of pocket. Big problem now is a month is $2570 at the hospital pharmacy and $1,770 at prescription solutions. A no brainer but the hospital pharmacy has the script so I'll have to call the onc's office for a new script for ps. I hate dealing with them on the phone.

Am going to veg the rest of the day so have a good one everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good afternoon, everyone!

I didn't find time to stop by this morning, then the server seemed to be down at lunch time.

It was 60 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 82.

I know what you mean about the pre-smoking weight thing, Lily. I put on a lot of weight quickly after I quit, and that is what got me started trying to figure out how to improve my diet and what kind of exercise my aching back would let me do.

I'll count down with you, Ann. 25 1/2 hours and counting, here!

Have a great day, all!

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Hello! It's evening here now, 8:18PM. Hubs has some dumb hunting show on and it's okay because there's nothing on TV tonight. CSI is on at 9 and I like that show so I'll go watch than then.

Woke up coughing hard. Caught a cold. Seems like everyone I run into has one. So not surprised. With the spasms in my ribs, I called the doctor immediately and asked for DM cough syrup with codeine. Just don't want the cough to get chronic and cause more trouble with the spasms. So far so good.

Was supposed to work at Gilda's Club today, but they discourage any of us coming in when we are sick, so I called and cancelled. I don't want to be responsible for someone with a suppressed immune system catching a bug from me.

Well, I'm tired tonight. Only had one tsp of cough syrup this afternoon, so it's probably just being tired from having a cold. May just call it a night and go to sleep now!

Judy in MI

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