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Saturday Evening Air

eric byrne

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Good Evening ???

Hello?Hello? where has everyone gone?OK guys if its something I said I am really sorry,you really didnt need to go off in the huff.Just renamed the post to Saturday Evening Air,well it is after 5pm here,and I did get here first,so there.

Weather today cooler with light rain,I heard next week,we are getting a change in wind direction,unfortunately not from the Sahara,but from the artic,time to look out the winter woolies,move over Bruce.

Well not much to reply to is there?you have all been as quiet as church mice,and I also forgot to read yesterdays mail,so I havent very much to offer you today,Sorry Judy I am a bit bored today,Sallys working until 6.00pm,so I will pick her up shortly,did some tidying up and hoovered,or is it dycened now?

read the papers,bought the national lottery tickets for tonight thats about it for today,hoping your absence is because you are all having brilliant fun today,great,so long as you come back and share it with me.Enjoy the rest of your day everyone,byee.

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Good afternoon, everyone!

It was 52 degrees when I took off on my bike this morning. It looks like the high will be 71. There's been a strong south wind all day, and the humidity is high enough that I wheezed more than usual on my ride today.

I took off to explore and find a good route from home to the main east-west multi use path through Fort Worth, the Trinity Trail. I had laid out a route on bikely, but you never know for sure about google maps streets and paths until you try them.

The first part of my route was my commute route, then at around eleven and a half miles, I hit the Foster Park path, and followed that to Trinity Trail. I then rode southwest to Benbrook, and back. I ended up with just over 51 miles.

As is usual with multi use paths around here, there were too many trail zombies (cyclist name for path pedestrians who walk slowly, seemingly aimlessly, in all directions) for me to make this a regular route, but it was fun, different from what I usually ride, and showed me how to reach the Trinity.

Bruce, I hope your doctor visit went well. I can testify to the fact that back pain is no fun at all. Big surprise, I think I'm going fishing tomorrow. Have a great weekend, all!

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