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Monday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 29 degrees as I rode to work this morning, a tad nipply for us Texas folk. Forecast high is 52.

KW Judy, I've done a merge before, but it always seems to take me several tries to figure out how to do it, then by the time I need to do another, I've completely forgotten how.

Have a great day, all!

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Afternoon All! It is just noon here. Sunny and chilly. Down to 34 tonight! Wish I could stay in tomorrow. I'm lying very low today. I had to get up and take my car for repairs but didn't have to leave until 9:30. A nice elderly man shuttled me back to my RV so I'm a happy camper. Don't care when it gets done lol.

Bud, I know what you mean about the process even tho I haven't done the merge. But if you could teach me now, by the time I needed it, I wouldn't remember how to do it.

I was up until 1 am this morning. If you read the Sunday Air, you'll know I did a dumb thing and ate when I was supposed to take my Tarceva. Consequently, I had to wait another two hrs. To pass the time, I started a playlist (dummy me, a handwritten one) for the ipod my daughter is giving me for Christmas. I am so excited! I really miss music. Radio in Key West is pretty lame for me and I'm not good at keeping CD's going in the stereo. I've tried the TV music, but too much stuff I don't really care about. Want a sample: I Really Want to See you Tonight, England Dan and John Ford Cooley; Heart of Glass, Blondie; Luka, Suzanne Vega; Daniel, Elton John; You're So Vain, Carly Simon; Torn, Natalie Imbruglia--and I could go on and on. Was surprised at how easy it was to find what I want since I'm not at all good at recalling titles or artists. I tend to remember "the story" a song tells. The internet is great, it recognized lines from the song!

I'm really worn out from shopping and working at Wendy's so I am going to goof off today! Hope you can too.

Judy in KW

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Good afternoon! Mondays are always busy first thing, but I got a break and thought I'd pop in! Judy, I have challenges with my meds too, and have to time it between meds, food, and vitamins. Can get downright challenging!

Bud that is !

We had a winter storm here, not lake effect, but the folks by the Lake got hammered overnight. 2 feet of snow! And 40 miles in land where I live, just a pretty little smattering, just enough to be pretty and sparkly. Amazing how that happens. Yesterday we were shopping and coming home, we were in an ice storm about 4 miles, then it turned to this huge snow event, and 3 miles later the sun was shining, and no show! That's Michigan. Blink, and the weather will change again.

Well, I did too much....waaaayyyy to much Saturday. I was feeling good so I started unpacking Christmas decorations, and then began decorating, putting up trees (we have 3) and when I finally collapsed at 9:00PM, it felt so good to have most of the decorating done.

And then yesterday, the spasms started. They were not real bad like I've had in the past, but bad enough to tell me that I do have some limitations, and I can't push it so hard. Today I'm very sore like I worked out at the gym, so I know I pushed it too hard.

No spasms today, so hoping it was just because I overdid and that I'll be fine.

Have a good rest of the day!

MI Judy

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It was about 27 when I rode to work today - - don't get me wrong - I rode in the car - Bud thank you for exercising for all of us that .... well just don't. I did walk back in the house to get a heavier coat - if that counts.

I had a hard weekend myself..... well it felt hard. My 14 year old nephew is as good at math as my daughter was - so I spent about 40 hours or darn close to it helping him with some make up algebra homework. So last night when we went to bed to watch a dvd - I was out before one episode of Two and a Half Men was over - first time in over a year without s "Sleep Aide" - Honestly - Algebra vs. Sleep Aide - the Aide wins!!!

I think I will relax and kill people tonight. (No - not the nephew.) I am hooked on PlayStation Call of Duty Black Ops on line. I just wish that the people I "played" against realized they were letting a 50 year old woman catch them. I really miss Dancing with the Stars. But it won't be long til Bachelor I'll be back in the reality show business.

Judy KW- I had a thought as I read your post - you might set an alarm that goes off 1/2 hour before your "no more eating" time - so you can snack/dinner and stay on schedule. Of course, staying up late is fun sometimes too.

Judy MI - I hope that your spasms stay away - wouldn't it be great to just get minor ones after overworking instead of the ones you were having. So glad things are getting better!

I hope everyone is bundling up and staying warm. Only Monday .... guess I better get myself back to work.


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Overcast but mild here today. Just -12C/10F and no wind. Bud if your temperatures keep dropping in Texas you will be down to our mild winter weather here in the north.

Nice to hear you are taking an easy day KW Judy. Now mixing up the times is something like I would do. LOL

MI Judy those big snowfalls remind me of growing up in Newfoundland. Snowing for 3 or 4 days straight with a total snowfall of 2-3 feet was common.

Annette just reading about Algebra gave me the shiver's. LOL And that was my better subject between Algebra and Geometry. Wouldn't you know that later I was in the construction industry where everything was angles and formula's. Should have paid more attention in school !

Randy our favorite Ice Road Trucker, Alex Debogorski, was on Ellen today.

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