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A Little Christmas advice for caregiver Survivors


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I have noticed a few more grieving posts as of lately and just want to remind all of the caregiver survivors (Widow/ Widowers) to give them selves some quiet time and an escape place during the holidays for those holiday blues meltdowns. It s hard being around so much happiness and love and joy and being sad at the same time on the inside. So If your feeling the need for a grief meltdown, just find a quiet place and have one and move on but most of all..........


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No matter who you are if you are a member of this board and you need to have a meltdown - just feel how cleansing it can be - how necessary it is to feel okay again - whether you are the one with cancer or one giving care - the mental anguish all of us go thru deserves a little break of its own. Once it has the break you can put it away for a moment - remember happy moments - look at anyone around you and be glad that you are with them - and that you have a huge family here that also thought of you. I hope that everyone can feel the {hugs} that each of us would like to feel and give - and that some where in these holidays you find a little piece of joy.


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