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Christmas Day Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone! It was 35 degrees with a howling north wind when I got up this morning, but the rain has ended. Forecast high is 47. It's perfect weather for enjoying the great indoors.

We had our family gathering last night at our daughter's house. Tamales were the main dish for dinner, and that was followed by gift opening. Today, everyone is coming over to our house for a turkey dinner.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Well, the stockings are hung, the food is cooking, the appetizers are ready, all is on schedule for a feast at 2:00 today.

The weather is perfect, 30 with no snow, and just enough snow for it to look like Christmas.

We live surrounded by very old apple trees. This time of year is so special because the Cardinals come hang out and eat at our many bird feeders. With the ground white, no leaves on the trees, just brown sticks, their brilliant red bodies really stand out in the most beatiful way. Today I counted at least 30 of them in the trees. So peaceful and nice.

I don't expect to see any activity today here, but I'm at a lull in the action, so thought I'd take a rest, and just think about the wonderful friends I've made here that are priceless to me. Thank you all for your kind hearts, and words, and support. As I think about the reasons for this season, the birth of our Lord Jesus, and all that it represents, I'm very grateful for all the blessings in this life. And very grateful for you all.

So I wish you a wonderful Christmas. May it bring all that you thought it would. For those of us, missing loved ones, I send a gentle ((HUG)) and hope that you find some lovely memories to hold on to today.


MI Judy

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We are waiting for weather here in Richmond - haven't even turned the TV on to check the news. Dinner is cooking and my mom will be arriving soon. I'm ready for the festivities to be over. I'm glad next weekend is long that will be a good one because my daughter will be bringing my two grandbabies over for Christmas here (they are visiting in Oklahoma).

I hope the everyone fills up on the good stuff and forgets the bad even if just for a moment - be in or think of a good moment and take a second to let the smile go all the way to your eyes. Just one good smile and the day will be brighter.

Hugs to all who need them, hugs to those that don't know they need one and thanks to all those that helped me thru the year.


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Just a quick Merry Christmas to All! Wendy and Dominick arrived yesterday so we are all very Merry. He's twelve and went to both parties with his PopPop last night so he and his Mom (who worked thirteen hours the day before they travelled) slept til 10 am. If you are a FB friend you might see him and I tagged in a photo. Hate the pic of me but he's in his new outfit we bought him from England. His Mom calls him a fashionestus (think that the male version lol). I thought it was so dear that we wanted to take our pic so he could show his friends on FB how much taller than his grandmother he was.

Have a great day all. I'm off to iTunes to download on my new ipad shuffle.

Judy in KW

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