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Saturday's Air


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Morning All! Only 62 this morning. I knew it was colder. Thought about leaving my heater back in the bedroom on when I got up.

It's Saturday and I know you all are taking a break from work but I'm getting to the taxes. Goofed off two days since Stan left and I have to start it. I also have to exercise for Annette and to keep up with Libby. If I don't I'll be 2 out of 7 instead of 3 out of 7. That's little enough.

Bud, I forgot to say I didn't remember what Rafferty sang til you mentioned that. Went to YouTube and it reminded me of Right Down the Line. I was never good about putting artists and recordings together. That's what's great about what I'm doing now. The computer lets you put in one or the other and fills in the blanks.

Going to wrap it up short and sweet. I'm sure I'll be back on one of my many breaks.

Judy in KW

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Hey all! It's shortly after noon here, and I just got up. Oy! All those people, and all that standing, leaves me with a very sore and tight lower back. Think after this, I'm going to fire up the hot tub and do some soaking.

It's a crystal clear very cold but brilliantly sunny morning. Hubby is off doing his radio show on barbecue stuff. Hey guys if you ever want to hear it live, go to http://thegrillinguys.com on Saturday morning between 9:00AM and 11:00AM. There's a place to click on to hear it live. He also has some past episodes there on MP3. I guess they are pretty funny, though I'm usually sleeping when they are on.

So, after a soalk and hopefully feeling better, I"m going to lunch on some home made soups that my friend made for the party, and begin the process of de-decorating from Christmas. Not really looking forward to it, but am looking forward to my home returning to it's normal state. It was pretty to have it all decorated for the holidays to share with all the folks that came.

Eric, your story was great! Amazing how much filming they have to do to get what they want. I know I did a short film about Hospice care in Michigan, and it seemed like they filmed forever, and it was a 2 minute commercial that ran on PBS for a while. It's okay, it was good.

Well that's it for now. I'll pop back in to see who else came in to AIR today.

MI Judy

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Hey folks

Well it's an overcast morning with a very nice -17C/1F. Eric I'm not sure if you use the word mozzy/mausy there. I had to drive about 300 miles up north yesterday for meetings. So when they finished up at 5pm, there was a very nice storm happening that made my drive home interesting. But arrived safe and sound.

Judy KW I think I may have been partly responsible for you not getting alot of work done in the last 2 days.

Judy MI nothing like a nice bowl of homemade soup maybe while you are soaking in the hot tub relaxing the back.

I just read the local newspaper from Yellowknife. There were 2 post in the Obit column of people who passed away the first week of January. Both from cancer. That is why getting it out there like Eric and Judy MI did is so important.

Take care everyone.

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Hi Judy, with all those people coming by I figured you'd leave Xmas up. Now I'll be the only one dragging my heels on the put-away. I use tax prep as an excuse. I can't take on a job like that till I've put a real dent in the tax prep lol.

Bruce, my dear man, I love that you sent me those pics and don't mind a bit trying to do it. In fact, I've done it several times before--I remember my orchid slide show and my Christmas ornaments. One more try and I'll give up and send them to someone else. And why didn't you stay over instead of driving all that distance in horrendous weather!

Judy in KW

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Wow - is it cold out there - when we woke up the vehicles had snow on them - but it is all gone now. Windy and cold though - about 36 according to car but boy it felt colder.

Went out and got some long johns and a couple of tee shirt, shirt, sweater combos for those 3 days in St. Paul ` sigh.

Shopping for 4 hours after a late breakfast and I'm beat. Now it's football on television so I think I shall . . . go dye my hair - yep my 'boys aren't there so I'm off football til next year.

Bruce - saw Judy's post of your farm pictures - very nice - as cold as it is up in your neck of the woods - I'd be very leary of traveling this time of year. But work $ is work $ I suppose. I better get over to the games right quick - the farm and cafe and getting the best of me - LOL - addict me yes.

Stay warm and have a safe weekend,


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Good evening, everyone!

It was 34 degrees when I got up this morning, so I didn't get in any hurry to get on the water. It only got up to 53 this afternoon, but was sunny with a mild wind, so felt warmer.

The minnows worked fine, but it was another day when the crappie bit jigs better. I had a blast and brought home a mess of crappie.

They're calling for rain in the morning, changing to snow in the afternoon. I'm thinking I'll just be a tv zombie tomorrow.

KW Judy, yes, Right Down the Line was a great song, too. It sounds like Rafferty was a tortured soul, never comfortable with being a star, and an alcoholic for many years.

MI Judy, around here, nooner has a different meaning........LOL. But, I'm glad you got a good night's sleep to recover. I didn't realize your husband did a radio show. That's way cool.

Bruce, your place really is beautiful this time of year. But, I'm thinking I just want to see it on a postcard, not live.......LOL. Annette, you need to show us your new do after you color.

Have a great weekend, all!

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Met a friend for latte and waffle this morning. Great visit.

Put a postcard in the mail to thank some friends for their gift dropped off this week - a box of Fran's sea salt caramels - said to be a favorite in the White House!

Did a decent house cleaning while M was out.

Getting ready to put a loaf of bread in the oven.

He will make dinner soon.

Blueish sky with wisps of pink clouds. Feels cold, but about 40F.

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LOL Bud, I thought about that nooner comment after I posted it. I know what you refer to. Nope, not here! LOL!

Just went out for a quick dinner, and it was 5 degrees. And dropping. Brrrrrr! I have warm jammies on and a blanket over that with thick socks, and am still freezing!

Hubs is watching football, and I've had enuf! He had it on all day while I did loads of laundry, cleaning, etc. I"m in my office enshrouded in blankets and about to turn my teeny tv on for something even more idiotic than football. LOL!

Bummed that tomorrow is really busy. Church in AM, have a meeting at noon, and wanted to go to a go-away party for a young man headed to Kenya for mission work, but also hoped to have time to undecorate the house. Not sure which will win out. We'll see how bitterly cold it is and make the call then. Hubs is heading to the Detroit area for a dinner meeting with his partners, and an early morning meeting on Monday with a client.

See ya'll tomorrow!

MI Judy

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