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Morning All! Oops, I forgot I didn't come on this morning. Had to harvest Farmville crops for Dominick and I and then went right into, guess what--Tax Stuff. Have knocked off medical insurance payments and medical miles. Now the most fun--prescription drugs and I'm done. I need to get organized and put all the scripts on one CC. This is crazy, they are CC, debit card, cash. It makes me nuts. If I would just focus on that one thing for next year, it would be great. I did another cheat sheet updating the doctors, hospitals and cancer centers we go to so that should be easy next year. I don't want to be on here whining about taxes so much next year lol.

Another neighbor asked Stan to go fishig today. They were home before noon. They got a few yellow tail and a couple of big ones but it was a disappointing day. The bonita were big and thick in the water and it was difficult to get past them to the yellow tail. We'll have fresh fish again for dinner.

Eric, I was going to urge you to get familiar with that new washing machine. But Stan came home today and threw his fishing clothes (thanks goodsness soaked on the floor in the shower first) on top of my good sheets that were already washed. We have a front-loader and he said he looked but didn't see them. What do you think ladies lol. Some of you will be saying, you mean he cooks and does laundry. He's not for sale lol.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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I have been a facebook slug today. I feel horrible - think I have a bad cold/cough/flu something coming on. Keith keeps drugging me up. It is a bad day to feel sick since we are babysitting his granddaughter (7 months old and she is a cutie-pie). Another hour or so to go before she gets picked up and I'm thinking about a nap - you know I'm not feeling good if I waste my weekend hours on a nap.

Judy your story about the clothes reminds me of one time when I was very young. My dad was going to take me and my sister to the swimming pool and hollered at my mom "where is my bathing suit?" - My mom called back that it was in the dryer with the towels for us to take. A few second pass and he screams "These clothes aren't dry...." Well - if you chuckled you know he was looking in the washing machine, if you didn't get it well perhaps you have done something similar in the past.

Fess up - which are you the one that knows the difference or the one that comes home to folded clothes.

Slow day on the air today - hope everyone is having a good relaxing weekend.


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Hey you two and any lurkers out there! LOL! It IS a slow day on the Air. Well, we usually do a weather report, so I'm happy to report a high of 9 today. Not much wind, so it's not too bad. Getting some snow, but once again, it's those poor folks on the far West coast of our state that are getting HAMMERED again with the lake effect snow.

Hubs had to go to Frankenmuth today. Had a business meeting today! Anyway, it's a really cool town. I'm putting a link here for you. It's our Christmas year round town. Kind of a neat place to visit. It's a little Bavarian town, and has an Inn called the Bavarian Inn (imagine that LOL) that has such gooooood home cooked food.

http://www.frankenmuth.org/ Check it out, it's really neat.

I went into town today to help a friend put a training class together. She has amazing talents, but Administration, and how to put an agenda together, and formalizing the content is not one of her skillsets. It was fun to help her put it all together.

Annette, get to feeling better hun. It's so lousy to feel so bad.

Am going to try something I've never done before. I've posted lots of pics, but am doing this one in a new way so we'll see if it works.

fail-owned-laundry-fail.jpg If nothing shows up, I'll know it failed. LOL

It has to do with laundry. I'm defintely the one that knows the difference. I think early in our marriage some 19 years ago, Randy purposely put dark clothes in with the white, and all my dainties came out grey. That was the last time he did laundry. LOL! I'm thinking it was on purpose, but not willing to let him make that mistake again. That was funny, Annette, the story about your Mom and Dad.

But Judy, he does cook, so he's a keeper for me. LOL!

We have a funeral to go to tomorrow. 58 year old friend of Randys. He had a massive heart attack, spent a week in ICU and died. So sad. I didn't know him well, but what I knew of him was that he was a super nice guy. Randy did a lot of hunting and fishing with him. *sigh*

Anyway, I'm going to go do some laundry LOL! I really need to do that.

Judy in MI

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Good afternoon everyone,

It is 1 degrees at 3:30 p.m. that was the high for today. Went to work for a couple of hours today. Going out to dinner tonight for our 18th anniversary. Should be yummy, although a bit colder then I would like it to be. Tomorrow is the big playoff game Packers verses the Bears. GO PACK GO.

Judy in MI love the picture. I think that is what most laundry tags must say secretly except for wives can't see it. lol I do the laundry and cooking here. Lucky me. I do the food shopping but will be willing to pay anyone to do that, I hate food shopping. I will take a look at your Frankenmuth link in a little bit.

Annette, sure hope you feel better I miss your upbeat & funny posts. I really enjoy reading them. Well get some rest when the kid goes home. That trip I am sure took a lot out of you. Those darn germy people.. lol

Judy in KW you will get that tax stuff situated eventually:) Enjoy your fish tonight.


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Oh gosh Libby, I forgot - most times I fly I get sick. Annette, next time take Airborne a few days before you fly. It totally worked for me when I went to Hawaii. Supposedly it does not work, but it's so strange, when I take it I don't get sick. When I don't I do!


1 degree is just wrong Libby.

Where's Eric been?

MI Judy

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