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Sunday's Air


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Sigh - tomorrow is that word for us workers.....

I see the sun shining a little outside - haven't ventured out. I need to get up and get motivated so we can head back into the city. We live in an apartment in the city during the week and stay at K's on the weekend out in the country. Our cat travels nicely for the most part.

Poor Eric - I saw that Murry lost to "Joke" so he will remain another tournament without has major. I think it would be awesome if he could triumph at Wimbledon - home field advantage and all.

My cold is much better - still have a bit of the cough but I might survive this thing afterall. I must have pulled a muscle in my left arm when I fell in the ice. It was hurting to move at all on Friday and today after a weekend of hot / cold it is much happier this morning. No sudden movements without a pinch - so I'll baby it a bit more. I'm thinking about going and getting some spiked golf like shoes to wear when ice and snow are on the ground - this girl does not want to fall again. (Those of of that work for a living know you gotta go almost like the post office rain, shine, wind, snow, sleet, hail - whatever it was they used to say.)

Enjoy the day all,


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Hi All,

It is a warm 10F degrees today. Boy I am so excited about that :( Just lollygagging around doing nothing this morning. I need to get moving but having a hard time doing so. Going to try and head out for some exercise and food shopping, maybe that will help. Went to the movies last night with my daughter and seen "Rite" with Anthony Hopkins, scared the heck out of me. LOL.

Missed a couple of days, so now trying to go back and read what I missed. I hate not knowing what is going on. Eric I hope you get the retirement package you want that is if you want to retire yet. You sound a little unsure. Annette I am glad you are starting to feel much better. It seems like us lung cancer patients have a harder time kicking these colds/flu. Bet you will not go north anytime soon. Thinking about going to New Jersey in March to visit family, hope all that snow will be over by then.

Everyone enjoy whatever is left of your weekend. I can't even say the word of what tomorrow is!!!


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Lost my post. poo.......

It's a lollygagging day here too Libby. We're warm compared to you! The sun is shining so no complaints here! Love that big yellow ball!

Well I got up off the couch to check you all out and now I'm going back.

Annette and Libby, I won't say it......MMMmmmmmmmmm...........

Nope, not going to say it! :wink:

Judy in MI

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Gray day - forecast of snow flurries, but I think they will stay in the mountains. Headed North an hour for a memorial service this afternoon, M's Mom who passed away in early November at age 91. A pretty interesting life. She survived her round with cancer by decades. She left this planet long before her body. There will be stories and a slide show, food and song. A time to remember and to transform loss to love.

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Evening All! I said to myself, self if someone has started the air you will post. If not you will kick back and veg in your recliner in front of the TV. Well, here I am lol.

Went out at 9:30 this morning, early for me. Especially so after a night out to dinner. Spent the day with an old colleague who is in town for a couple of months. We walked the craft fair and went and had drinks outside in Duval Square. Then we went to an open house for a huge house in Old Town with living space for three separate tenants. Not in my budget. When I got home I hurt so badly. That happens when I'm out in even our little chill. Can't imagine how I would be up North now. In any event, I am done in so I'm off to my chair and will "see" you all in the morning.

Have a great evening.

Judy in KW

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