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Tuesday's Air


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Oh my heaven, I am opening. Knock, knock, is anybody here?

In work today, so I have a lot of computer time, haha. Spring just teased us last week, they are talking snow showers tomorrow night.

Was in a panic all day yesterday, couldn't find my volunteer badge which I have to wear tonight. I searched everywhere and prayed like crazy to St. Anthony. Tossed and turned all night. Was not looking forward to calling them and admit to being an idiot. Yep, it was attached to the jacket I wore last week.

How are the Judy's doing? Annette, my stepson (who lived with us) was a major problem. Always in trouble. He ended up in an in house treatment facility for 6 months. Unfortunately, I am not sure it turned him into a 'productive' human being and really unfortunately, he died about a year ago in his early 40's.

I hope they can help your nephew. And boy, are you squeezed between the 2 generations.

Well, I need to enter payroll or I may have some angry people here tomorrow.

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Good morning Ginny. Nice to see you here. I too seem to be early this morning. I have not been coming as often lately. Just seem to be so busy all of the time.

We had Spring weather the whole month of February then right at the end of the month we had snow. Not only did March come in like a lion with March Winds but it brought the rain. All of the mountains around are covered with snow.

Don't feel bad about the badge thing. I think we all get to a point where those things seem to happen more often. I was leaving yesterday morning and went into a panic because I couldn't find my house keys. I don't leave without locking my door. After searching a few minutes I put my water bottle down and then realized my keys were on the strap wrapped on my wrist with the water bottle strap.

Never knew that retirement would be so busy. I do a lot of different things but seems that everything takes me 10 times as long as it did just 5 years ago. I am putting a lot of my time into the Rockathon we are doing for Relay For Life in May. We are hoping to inspire other retirement communities and people who can not do a Relay walk to start their own Rockathon. I think everyone should be able to participate in some way to help beat out the monster Cancer.

Hope you all have a great day. Ginny I know you are so ready for the weather to give you plenty of pleasant golf time. I hope you get that very soon.

Got to run now.

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Morning All! Hi there Ginny, glad to see you opening. And Lily, you're not late, the rest of us are just slugs today. But not Bud, he must have had other things to do.

Becky, sorry about the mud. I lived on a property where we build a house and it had a high water table. Mud was an ongoing problem especially with small children lol.

I've been getting up at 5-6 am and am sick of it. I only get just so many feeling-good hrs in the day so why start it so early. I got up to the BR and got back in bed. When it looked like I wasn't going to get back to sleep, I got up and took and Ativan. Whalla, slept to 8. What a lovely feeling.

I'm not too chatty these days. Too much cancer stuff running through my mind. I've taken action moving up my scan and start on taxotere. I've made an appointment with my PCP Thur to run things by him. Need to do a proper cancer post and work this through. If I don't start feeling better on Tarceva, maybe I should just go on the taxotere now.

Hope you all have a good day. I'm feeling good so far so will try to get in and out and the day rolls on.

Judy in KW

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Hey - I'm not a slug. I'm just so very far behind at work because I was a slug previously. Umm - maybe that is the same thing as being a slug but I worked for a good long while this morning. Yesterday - I didn't not even turn on my personal computer - I think FaceBook may stop working without me playing all my games. Umm - maybe that is me that will "start" working without me playing all the games. Can't pull anything over my eyes can I.

Ginny as long as you don't tell anyone - I'll tell you a little story about my glasses. (I really think I need a new pair because I'm wearing them less and less cause I just can't see with them - but I have to have them to drive - and who really wants to see at work.) The other day I packed up my stuff to leave work - walked all the way out to my car - thankfully realized I wasn't wearing them. Sigh - I will have to walk all the way back in and my office is in the back of the building out of the line of fire so to speak. So I trudged all the way back in - turned my desk upside down (a little messy since I am having to work for some reason) - and still couldn't find my glasses. I finally asked the administrative assistant to come help. She came back to my office - turned around and walked out for a couple of minutes (I found out later it was because she did not want to roll around on my floor laughing). and said..Annette, where do you usually keep your glasses. Yep you guessed it they were up on top of my head like sunglasses. It is not the first time that I have walked all the way back in for them either - just the first time that I located them on top of my head.

Lillian - you are always on the go - I do enjoy it when you tell us you took a moment to yourself and read for a while. That's what I would like to do. Gotta admit I miss the "breaks" I used to take - that was when I read - a lot. You are doing so much work on your rock-a-thon it will be a big success. I am even a little worried about the May Relay for Life since my world is so upside down right now.

Miss Judy - - - I wish I lived near you so I could give you a real hug. Just so you know I worry about you every day - so I hope that eases your mind a little - and if you want I would gladly worry more, exercise, dust my house, clean my bathrooms, anything that would help you. Of course, I don't know how often I'd be willing to repeat that but once couldn't hurt, right. Seriously - you are in my thoughts and prayers and I so very much want you to have good days - that include stuff working! And if you feel like I could be of any help to vent your frustrations on I'm up for that too - I would gladly pm you my phone number if you need an actual voice / person to listen.

Do you think Bud played hooky from work? Wonder what the weather is like in northern Texas? Where has Bruce been? Becky - I know you can talk them out of their hiding places.....


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Hi All! So nice of you to open up today Ginny! I know what you mean about losing things. Annette's glasses story cracked me up! When we last went on vacation, I took all non-essential items out of my purse. So my volunteer badges, and other things were set out very carefully by me so I'd know exactly where they were when I got home. And guess what? I had no clue where they were after vacation! I looked everywhere. Weeks later, I found them in some innocuous spot that made perfect sense to me after the fact. LOL

Lily, it does seem to take longer to do things than it used to be. Sigh. I think part of the reason for me is that I think I have what I want, and head to the back of the house, and then remember something that I forgot....back out.....back in.....oops forgot phone.......back out.......back in.......darn, where are my glasses...........(LOL Annette)...................

Judy in KW, please know that we totally understand, and we want you to talk about it. Part of being here is to support those that are hurting, and we want to do that. You will never be a bother to us. I'm trying to not think about the fact that they found "something" and what that could possibly mean, but reality is that I may have to face treatment again. And then you will hold me up, I know you will.

Annette, you need to get back on FB asap. It was acting really weird on me this morning. I think it is getting ready to shut down! Get farming girl! LOL

Well, I'm back at Gilda's today. It's so strange when I work a day that is not my "normal" day. Tuesdays here are really slow, as most of the activities happen at a different Club in a small town near by. I'm used to Thursdays when we see 200-300 people come in and out for support. It's kind of nice to have a nice quiet afternoon, to FB, write here, and occasionally answer a phone.

This is neat. A couple just came through the doors, and told me that they volunteer at the Gilda's in New Jersey. They are moving here, and wanted a tour. So they are getting one, and how cool that they want to come here and volunteer!

OK, going to go, I've rambled on long enough. Hope the rest of the day is good for all!

MI Judy

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Well, yesterday was me = tissue on the sole of a shoe. That nadir of 10-12 days post treatment. It happened after the first round, but not the 2nd or 3rd, so it caught me off-guard. Luckily, my friend called and nailed the cause for me. I just could not stay vertical. It might sound good to get up and go back to bed, get up and go back to bed, eat dinner, and go to sleep on the couch, get up and go to bed, but it is pretty crazy. If you haven't experienced this particular fatigue, it is impossible to imagine. I've been so tired I could not sleep...this is beyond that. (And telling when I wonder if I could be working - "Hello? I can't come to work today. I can't stay vertical.")

Woke this morning, after the cat yowled and scratched at the door a couple of times, to a sun shiny day. Moving slow, but hopefully with a bit more steam. Latte and raisin bread toast done. Shall see what else the day brings.

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Stephanie, so sad to read this, but I remember it well! That is basically what I did through my chemo regime. While it was no fun, the memory of it is just a blur, because I slept so much! Sending healing and recovery your way.

Ack! We're getting hit with a bad ice storm. Darn. I hate these. We get them pre-winter, and post-winter. I just drove home from the City, and it was coming down in sheets. Thankful I don't have to go anywhere tonight. But Randy does, so I'll be worrying big time about him.

MI Judy

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I didn't get back in today for two reasons--I never got notices in my email of new posts and I laid down this afternoon and finished reading my book. I started it, One Good Turn ages ago. I just had trouble getting into it, then all the activity in February. But I picked it up again on my cruise and it started getting good. Now I get to start Sarah's Key that I've really been looking forward to reading.

Annette and Judy, I do believe those stories about running back and forth and back and forth to fetch glasses is really masking another purpose. You are closet exercisers, yep you are. You create those situations so you can exercise covertly without admitting to it. lol

Katie thanks for reporting on Texas weather for Bud. I'm sure he'll be checking in sometime soon.

Stephanie, I'm feeling for you as I'm sure you will be for me when I go back on taxotere. Hope this energy nose-dive is short lived.

I need to get out there and ask a question that's been bugging me: I've been told I'll lose my hair but they are talking about maintenance taxotere. Does your hair fall out then come back and stay there or do you stay bald. Sigh. I wish Patti was still onsite. I miss her and remember when she went back on a chemo and lost her hair for the second time.

As for fb and fv Annette, I was already cooling on being on the net so much and then I went 11 days on the cruise and didn't really miss it. I'm back on but not as much as before. It does suck up time I can be doing other stuff when I feel well enough.

Today was a much better day. Cross fingers for tomorrow.

Judy in KW

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Judy, obviously I don't know the answer to this. I looked this drug up, trying to figure out what is different about it from Taxol, which you and I both had in first treatment. Taxol was the culprit for my beautiful bald head the last time. Looks like Taxotere also does this. You have probably asked this at Cancergrace by now. I'd be interested in hearing what they have to say.

Judy in MI

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