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Morning All! I got to the common room about 5 am but one thing after another and I just got to the Air. One thing that held me up was trying to clear junk in an old Saturday Air that keeps coming up. Then I noticed it was in all forums and I'll not have time to sit here and get rid of them all.

Am not a happy camper since they woke me at 4 am like they do every day and I could not get back to sleep even for a little. And it promises to be a long day. I am supposed to get discharged but the doc who was supposed to do it decided to order labs first after he left my room. And there is a problem getting my oxygen. They can set it up in Key West but then Medicare won't pay to get me a portable to get from here to there. Craziness.

Not much going on. I have had times I didn't feel as bad as others and Annette and Becky, you will be happy to know I kept busy intertaining the troops (nurses and doctors). If you can keep it up long enough, the hope is they will be happy to get you discharged.

Looks like this round will keep me slowed down for awhile. I'm exhausted just having to walk up and down the hall to the common room a couple of times this morning. Wanted to get on early. Came down a couple of times yesterday but a patient's family was on, obviously trying to get business done so no biggie.

I miss you all and feel so out of the loop. Thinking of you guys at the survivor event and SOOOOOO wish I were with you.

Have a good day.

Judy in Orlando

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So sorry that you are having all these troubles. The portable O2 problem just shouldn't be happening.

Has anyone explained why you are having such trouble breathing? Is this related to your fever, etc? Hope it clears up soon.

Hope you have a happier report tomorrow!


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