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Good morning all! Once again, it's 3:00 AM. I am beginning to think that normal hours of sleep don't exist any more. Whatever.

Last night was an interesting night. My niece and God-daughter asked us to meet her to talk. I was really curious about all of this since she is a very busy college student, recently engaged, and just a lovely busy young woman.

We met at a local restaurant, for a light dinner. We chit chatted for a bit, and then she made her request known. I kind of suspected this might be coming, so I was half prepared. She asked if we would agree to be the Master and Mistress of ceremonies for her wedding! What an honor. She is getting married in July of 2013. I asked what her expectations were, and she said she had none, she didn’t even know what a M & M of ceremonies did. I explained the whole thing, telling her that we’ve been in this role for a lot of weddings. In the past, people have asked if they could pay us to do this for friend’s children’s weddings, so evidently we’ve done a good job.

So we accepted.

I’m tentative about this..... just because we have not been in this position for many years, and my health is very different now. I don’t know if I’ll have the stamina needed to keep the wedding party in line and on time, work with the caterers, coordinate the various activities at the wedding, etc. But I’ll do my best.

I think Mom and Dad suggested this to her, wanting to include the God Parents in the wedding. How nice of them to do this.

In the next two months I have a lot going on. I am meeting with a Neurologist to see how well I am doing with the huge amount of meds I'm on for the muscle spasms. In addition, I need him to look into the additional rib spasms I'm having.

I'm also having a meeting with my Podiatrist to see what else can be done for the cysts in my feet. It's getting pretty bad with the pain. It's likely that I'll need to get cortisone shots into the bottom of my feet for this. Ouch!

Other than that I'm doing fine!!!!!

Hope you all are doing fine as well.

Judy in MI

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Morning All! Wow Judy, you are up early. You really do have a lot of physical issues going on. I wish you luck. I know how it feels to be a high energy person slowed down.

I was up at 5 but have been busy stowing and doing preparing for arrival in KW. I'll be exhausted by the time we get there because we're making the whole trip straight thru. This is because we have to make MM 88 in the Keys before 5 pm to pick up my 02. May as well do the remaining miles from there to home.

Had a nice dinner with Dave and family but kept it short. I had left my steroid at home so wasn't going to be able to take it til 8 as it was. Funny, I slept a little better than the night before but am sure running on them now! Have been buzzing around for a time but think I'm done.

Hope you all have a great day.

Judy in KW

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Good morning. My problem was not lack of sleep. I couldn't stay awake yesterday evening and then slept all night except for bathroom trip. I get a cold so seldom that I really don't do well with them. I had a fever last night too, that is something I seldom have as well. Anyway the fever seems to be gone this morning and the cold feels like it is breaking up. I am just sore everywhere from coughing so much and blowing my nose. I plan on staying down most of the day. I do have to go out this morning to pick up the brown bags from Senior Nutrition Center. Kim is going to drive me. The people who were supposed to take over the job are busy, one with eye surgery and the other with her sister who is having surgery. Not looking forward to going out.

Judy I can relate to the muscle spasms. I have had spasms in my sides for years. Sometimes just stretching in the bed will set one off. Very painful. I also understand the feet problems. I have bone spurs, a bum ankle that lets me wear on flat soles and ingrown toenails that I am planning on seeing about as soon as I get through with my blood tests that are due this month. Foot pain keeps you from doing a lot when it flares up.

Judy have a safe trip home. I hope that your oxygen situation will be straightened out this time and that you will not need it much longer.

I think I had better go lay back again while I can. Take care everyone.

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Good morning everyone. I am at work today - really need to get some of that stuff done - I may be taking a stack home over the weekend dealing with all the nephew issues and having to cart my mom home tomorrow - - yep - she is getting out of rehab - even after having a little fall the other day. It will be a nice weekend though (crossing fingers). Marco is going to be gone all afternoon on Saturday - he is going on a white water rafting journey with the Boys To Men group he is joining. They seem very nice and get together twice a month. And the director said that he would help Marco find a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Which I really would like to try a couple this weekend as we have a meeting with his probation officer Tuesday. And I am trying to get his Disciplinary Review Hearing scheduled to find out if he is going to be allowed to return to school or expelled for a year. Sigh. Now I know why my stomach is all nerves.

My brain is mush trying to keep all the things straight - how are parents supposed to handle this -

Lilly - I almost lost my post as I posted at the same time as you - I hope you are feeling better. In fact Judy (KW) the excitement of getting home will keep you going and the nap you want to take later is well worth it - in fact I would be more than willing to take a nap at the same time this evening - yep - not a problem - I might even be able to take one sitting here at the desk - I'll get back to you on that one.

Anyway - I need to get some stuff done at work so I'll check back in later.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 77 degrees as I rode to work this morning. We're having a regular cool spell; the forecast high is just 97. The south wind is back, though. It will take some serious pedaling this afternoon to get me home.

We get a free weekly newspaper tossed onto our driveway every Tuesday, called the Burleson-Crowley Connection. I picked it up on Tuesday, but laid it on the edge of the boat, still rolled up. My friend called to go fishing, so I never carried it in the house on Tuesday, then I forgot about it yesterday.

Wouldn't you know it, the week I don't even open the paper, my photo is on the front page. It was taken just before the Burleson Honey Tour bike ride the week before. There's no article, just a caption, and I found nothing online. I'll scan and post it when I get home.

MI Judy, do they give M&M's to the M&M of ceremonies? Have a great day, all!

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Popped back in while we are driving. Don't do this much anymore because I get a little nauseous (sp?). For day 4 I'm having a pretty good day. Swollen feet and ankles but the firey rash on my left cheek has calmed some and am not feeling awful.

Lily, I hope you get on top of that cold real soon. Sleep is the best thing. Wish you didn't have to go out at all today.

Annette, I missed the post about your boss or someone coming down on you for Marco being at work??? Just read the follow-up. I hope your employer has patience because it's just a very difficult situation. Hope the weekend goes well even with Mom home.

Bud, I was doing some follow-up reading from yesterday. Love the pic with the crappy bass. Will look forward to seeing the new biking one. Take it as easy as you can in that wind on the way home. Hated the wind more than anything when I biked.

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Thanks everybody for the kind words in the "results" column. I can't understand why it takes so long sometimes. They explained some sort of epifelial(sp) test that takes some time. I'm always happy to hear about all your news too. It's pushing 100 here already at 11:00 am. Thunderstorms later. Stay in day, watch the trial of casey for a while. Too much to do outside, but it"ll still be there tomorrow. have good days all. Alan

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Bud, no M & M's. :-)

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday it got to 93 and today it's 70! Supposed to get down to low 50's tonight. Love it! No A/C!!!!!

Electric bills starting to creep up, so happy when we have days like this.

I'm off to Gilda's Club. See ya'll laters.

Judy in MI

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Hi all,

It's 91 but heat index is 104. I'm thinking of moving to Alaska! Hubby has been outside this morning adding an inline clorinator (sp?) for the pool - that's the thingy you put the 3" tablets into to add clorine to the pool. On Monday we ordered the liner - $902. Then we went to a pool supply place and purchased all the gaskets and faceplates we have to replace - another $200. Now "all" we have to do is install the liner when it comes. I am NOT looking forward to that. I told Charlie (hubby) that he had better get at least 3 or 4 more people to help. I don't do well being outside in hot weather. But if we can get this thing installed ourselves we will save $1200.

JudyKW - I know you're glad to be going home. There is no place like home, especially when you don't feel good.

Annette - A small break for you on Saturday from Marco. I hope the Boys to Men group will be a positive influence on him.

Lily - I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Hope you get rid of that cold soon.

JudyMI - Hi! Always good to see you here. Congratulations on being the M&M of your niece's wedding.

Sara - I hope you're doing well today.

Heather - where are you? You've disappeared!!!

Bud - glad you're still exercising for us and now you're fishing for us as well. We should eat good now.

Katie - it's so good just to 'know' you're home. Welcome back!

If I've missed anyone I'm sorry. I hope all of you have a great day.


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Ok - now we have to eat fish. I know Bud lives in Texas and I'm from Texas but - I'm a bad girl, bad bad bad - I will take a medium well to well done - hamburger, steak, meatloaf, etc. or maybe some pork chops, ham steaks, bacon, REAL TEXAS tamales, etc.

I will say that I like fried shrimp with lots of butter. Any other fish has to be well covered with breading and fried and nicely hidden in home made tauter sauce, yumm.

Now I am hungry and it is only 2 p.m. I may have to stop at 5 Guys (Burger Place) on the way home - after I go by and see mom, pick up prescriptions, get gas, run by the guitar store to see if they have a special washer for the brats $450 guitar - sigh. How many tums are you allowed in a day?

And it's hot out there - I did make him walk with me to the mail box - lazy slug wouldn't go make copies for me.

Check in later,


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Aren't we chatty today? LOL

I'm at Gilda's Club now and this is the lull before about 150 people descend on us for supper and the evening support groups. I'm not looking forward to group tonight. One of our group passed away last Friday. She was 43 with 3 kids and a husband. Breast cancer. The group will be very sad tonight.

I'm also dealing with a new/old health problem. *sigh*

I had an umbilical hernia years ago, which has now been repaired 3 times. 1st time without mesh. 2nd time with mesh. 3rd time with stronger mesh. Well, it's really hurting right now. It hurts in a new way that I don't understand.

I'm afraid that I maybe did some damage with all the mopping and vacuuming I've been doing. Sounds funny to say that, but when you have 2 large and messy dogs, it needs to be kept up. I spent yesterday and thi morning cleaning, and now I'm really hurting. I hope it's just strained and that no more surgery will be required. I'm going to let it go over the weekend. If it still hurts on Monday, I'll make an appointment to see the doctor.

Judy in MI AGAIN!

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Oh my goodness Judy (MI) - spasms kinda resolved - and now hernia acting up. I know you won't believe me when I say that cleaning is right up there with exercise and we must do that in moderation. So I'm hoping that it's just your tummy telling you to take it easy (could be some stress too because it's hard to go to the meeting with the thought of the loss).

I tried to help you out because I stayed home and in bed yesterday. (My stomach feels much better - must have done something wrong if I didn't help you too.) Maybe I'll have to take 1/2 a day tomorrow and just go home when they let my mom out of the rehab place.

Wait a minute - my shoulder is hurting - it is looking like 1/2 day for sure tomorrow.

I hope you feel better Judy,


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