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Need Some Answers

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I feel so bad. I remember having these conversations...wanting to know time. And unfortunately, noone will say.

And I don't know I could say.

My experience was that when mom couldn't went down hill, it happened quickly and there wasn't a lot of time left BUT my mother's story is not by any means the norm here.

Do you have any appointments any time soon?

With what you are describing, I'm just curious if you've engaged with hospice? I ask because you are asking about time.

I'm so sorry, I remember how tough this time can be.

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I'm so sorry about what is going on. I read your Mom's story from the link you provided. It sounds to me like it's time for Hospice to step in. I know....it stinks to think that this is the time for that. However, this is the time for that.

No one can give you a set amount of time that she has left. Only God knows that. But, Hospice provided so much amazing care at the end of my Mom's life, and I'm so grateful for what they did.

I hope you take advantage of their care at this time of her illness. I pray for God to bless you and the family, and for his grace to give you peace as you deal with this.


Judy in MI

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I agree with the others - after you made the hardest decision of your life - it's now time to let your mom have the benefit of hospice. They can come in and help you make sure she is comfortable and give you some respite.

I wish you all the best and hope you are finding some peace with your mom.


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