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Sunday's Air


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Morning All! My "Stan's away" project yesterday was huge. I started tearing my office apart sorting all the miscellaneous computer stuff in drawers and baskets under the desk. Of course it isn't finished so more today. I fell into bed around nine and didn't get up til after seven. Wish the good fairy would come and finished this job up lol.

We know Eric is here and will be seeing Annette and Randy today. Aren't we all jealous. I've put Katie's lind in favorites so thanks Katie. I'll go check it when I leave here.

Sounds like LaDonna and family had a wonderful vacation. So sorry to hear they are not coming back to a great situation with Mom/Grandmother. LaDonna, hope you all can make the most of these next two days with her and that time may not be short as you fear.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning all - We are ready to go - got my camera in my purse. Keith is (shudder) exercising before taking a shower - what is he thinking. The cat (smart one of the family) is laying in the window catching some rays. Me, I'm watching the clock getting anxious!

Not much else is going on - guess I should have gotten lessons on how to upload pictures. I know how to post them on facebook - so maybe I will just post them there and let everyone here know.

Have a great day alll,


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Randy, looks like you're as good as I am posting pics LOL. It's o.k., I saw this pic of Eric getting off the train on FB.

So now I have no avatar. Have been meaning to get rid of the big hat (cruise) pic. I feel like a fraud everytime I see it. It's me; the guy took it when I bought the hat in Feb but I don't look anything like that. Ask Annette, she must have been shocked when she saw me. I tried replacing it but oh well....Now no pic at all lol.

My friend Sally got by to see me today and Stan got home about the same time. We had our 4th of July hot dogs and baked beans so I'm a happy camper.

Hope you all are having a great 4th. I'm taping fireworks to watch tomorrow.

Judy in KW

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