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Sunday's Air


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Morning All! I know the weekends are slow in the summer. Everyone is out and about or recovering from being out and about last night.

Didn't have a great night's sleep. I've been feeling guilty about dependency on Tylenol PM and Ativan (.5 mg) to sleep so I skipped the T PM last night. Tossed and turned before going to sleep and again in the early morning hours. Think I'll stuff that guilt lol.

Had tea, played in Farmville, sat out on the screen porch and read the paper and did a few chores. Seems like the day is forever but I should be glad. I woke thinking it was Monday and oh no, I have an appointment with the local oncologist. No reason to have to see him but have no choice. He has to approve my chemo for Wed. Think I've been a little down-and-out for a couple of days anticipating chemo on Wednesday. I'm handling it well but the mouth issues were pretty nasty and you never know how it's going to go from infusion to infusion.

Taped some movies so plan to do a lot a vegging today. Before that though, I'm just anticipating the BLT I plan on making soon.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Morning Judy,

I woke at 5, listened to NPR for an hour and gave up and got up. Read on line, made myself a faux latte, put yesterday's yogurt into storage containers, took a shower, and it's barely 9. Sure makes a difference when you get up early! Considering a nap.

Gray outside, the ground is wet. Hasn't hit 60 degrees yet. Might warm up to 70 today. We've got the oven on cooking beans. I think there may be biscuits for dinner.

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Good afternoon! Well I got up early "for me". 7:45AM. After an outdoor party yesterday afternoon and evening. It was so hot out, but we got on the boat and rode around to cool off. It was very nice.

We helped at church today, so had to get up early. It was nice to be able to help out. We went out to lunch, and to our delight, the Gus Mackerhttp://www.macker.com/ tournament was happening. It's street basketball played all over W. Michigan. It was great fun to watch everyone, and people watch too!

Now I'm waiting for the British Open to start. It's 95 out and humid, so I'm going to veg in front of the TV.

Eric, I read about your adventures in Boston. It was wonderful to read. Loved the bus story. Love all of the stories. I'm off to look at your pics next.

Judy I hope your chemo is gentle on you.

Steph, your weather is unusually cold isn't it? I know Seattle, but it's July!

Hi to everyone else!

Judy in MI

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I am being a couch potato lordy those kids wore me out yesterday. Just got back from taking my mom to visit kid - sigh - honestly at the end of the meeting I felt like I was in one of my murder mystery thrillers at a couple of things he said - like his demeanor simply changed - I am hoping that they found an in patient care facility for him - if not I don't know what we will do.

Today is Keith's birthday so we are having a quiet evening at home - after a fun afternoon with 2 (or 2,000,000) grandkids - maybe 2 just felt like 2,000,000 - I don't know how parents handle 2 boys - I am so thankful I had a girl!

Katie the Washington event sounds like it is going to be awesome. I know Eric will be a huge hit - he is so well spoken and just flat good to be around. I wish we had had more time.

I saw the pictures of New York and Boston - loved them all hope everyone gets to check them out. Now I better get back to my game in the living room - almost dinner time.


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Ducked back in waiting for bedtime at 9. I'm finished for the night and am dragging butt. Wish I would nap.

Stephanie, I used to wake at 5 or 6 but not anymore. Seems this chemo is kicking me energy-wise. I still go to bed at 9 pm and usually don't get up til 7-7:30 am. I'm so tired of feeding myself with Stan away. Those biscuits sound delicious. One thing I never did very well even when I cooked and baked regularly.

Judy, a boat ride sounds like just the ticket. Ours just sits on the dock and mocks me--I don't drive it. Stan just arrived in Indiana tonight. Don't want to try to figure how much longer he'll be.

Katie, sorry about the AC. My daughter came home from work aroun 8 pm on Friday to find hers not working. Of course it always happens when it's the hottest because it's working so hard.

Why didn't I remember the Seattle cancer event is in August? That's why I never make it. I'm usually somewhere with Stan working. This year it's Portsmouth. Let's see, Portsmouth--Seattle. Where would I rather be lol.

Annette, the visit with Marco sounds scary. Hopefully it's an act he's putting on. Wants you and his grandmother to think incarceration is turning him bad. Don't think it happens that fast. Hope you enjoyed your veg-out. I know how exhausting grandboys can be. My son's are six and nine and still a handful.

Good to see you onsite Randy. Nite all.

Judy in KW

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