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Tuesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It is 78 degrees outside. Forecast high is 102.

Rose has to leave for work at 10:30, so if I had gone fishing, I'd have to be back by then, so I just decided to stay home. I'll get out in an hour or so and move the boat out of the garage, maybe wash my truck.

LaDonna, before I moved to Crowley, I lived in southeast Arlington. Lake Bardwell was just a 40 mile drive, and was a favorite crappie spot. That Hwy 34 bridge holds a lot of crappie. But it's almost 70 miles to Bardwell now, so I don't make it there very often, preferring to fish closer to home.

Good luck with your scan tomorrow, MI Judy. Have a great day, all!

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Bud - can agree with you on wanting to stay close to home. Cost to much to drag the boat very far! We live in Venus so we usually go to Bardwell, Waxahachie (which is to low right now), Joe Pool, or Cleburne.

Judy - been thinking about you today. I hope this week goes well for you and you get some good news!

Today is my mom's birthday. Talked to my dad last night and asked him to take her a flower from me today since we can't make the drive down there... She would have been 55 today. Way to young to be gone already!

I think I have talked Jimmy into taking me back to see Harry Potter in 3D in the DBox seats tonight. :) They're the seats that move and stuff with the movie. A friend is keeping the kids so we are going to have a date night. Haven't had one of those in a while.

Going to go visit Dad this weekend. Haven't been back down there, been trying to give him some space, but want to go check on him... :) I'm sure you know how that is.

Other than that I don't have anything this week in the evenings! That is a record for me. I usually have at least one night a week that I have somewhere I have to be. It is good though because I need the break. Have some stuff I have to get done for next week though so I'll work on that tomorrow or Thursday....

Hope everyone has a good day!

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Good morning!

What a great way to start the day! I came in here, and read Ann's 3 Little Piggies joke. Oh my gosh! Soooooooooo funny! Thanks Ann, I needed that.

Well, we had a low of 81 last night. It's heading to 95 sopping wet, muggy degrees today. We have a nasty system stalled over us. As do a lot of you too! Yesterday, I just had to say prayers of thanksgiving that we have A/C, and power! The grid is getting taxed in some rural areas, and there have been transformers popping.

Today I'm having lunch with an old G/F, then off to the Secretary of State to renew my drivers license, and license tabs. Then over to my Propane Gas company to fire them. They gave me their "special renewal rate" at $2.95 a gallon. I thought that was expensive, so I called around, and everyone else is at least .50 cents cheaper, and they will sell the first year to me for $1.99! We use about 3000 gallons a year and that is a good savings for us!

LaDonna, 55 is way too young. It's nice you are going to see Dad this weekend. Date night sounds like fun!

Thanks for the thoughts about the scan. I won't know anything until next Wednesday, and that is fine with me. I'd rather be ignorant for a few more days. I am having a girlfriend ride with me tomorrow. I just want someone to chat with to keep my mind off what the implications of this test could be.

Have a great day all!

Judy in MI

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Good morning everyone. I thought I would take the time to check in while my girls are sleeping. We are having a great time together and I am dreading their visit coming to an end. Lera, my granddaughter, has fallen in love with California. Sometimes it just makes me wish that I had known years ago what it would be like to be torn between two families and two places. Then again my family wouldn't be the same. Oh well.

It has been like a whirlwind going from place to place and trying to squeeze in as much as possible. The first two days I took them all around my area up here where I live then on Thursday we left to go down to my family in San Jose and Sunnyvale. Our time there was pretty much non stop.

Friday we left around 9:30 and stopped at the outlet center in Gilroy so I could buy some Easy Spirit shoes. They are the only ones I can really wear without my feet hurting and not easy to find or afford. I bought two pair. After we left there we drove to Monterey. We spent a good bit of time at Fisherman's Warf taking in the views and having lunch. We ate at a nice place on the warf. For the first time we all sampled fried artichokes and fell in love with them. I will have to learn to cook them because I don't know when I will get back to Monterey again.

After the warf we spent a little time on Canery Row and Myrtha and Lera got to dip their feet in Monterey Bay. Lera couldn't believe how cold the water is. She is used to water in the gulf that is so warm at times it is uncomfortable. The next part of our day was spent on the 17 mile drive. For those of you who don't know it is a road that hugs the coast between Monterey and Carmel in Central California. There are possibly some of the most breath taking views in the world along there. Like most we took tons of pictures. The most famous spot is The Lone Cypress. Anyone who has ever seen a picture of Monterey has seen that tree for sure.

From Monterey we drove North to Santa Cruz and walked the boardwalk. Lera and Myrtha got to dip their feet in the Pacific Ocean there. I bought their Saltwater Taffy that I swear tastes better than any other. Maybe because they make it right there. I also took a picture of the old wooden rollercoaster. It is well known as one of the oldest still in operation. I have never ridden it because I do not like those kind of rides. Finally at around 9 pm we were back at my nephews house where we had started out earlier that morning.

Saturday we went back to Monterey for the wedding. We hit a mojor traffic jam because of people slowing to see a man carrying a cross on the side of the highway :roll: The wedding of my nieces daughter was on the beach at Seal Rock on the 17 mile drive. What a place for a wedding absolutely beautiful :!: From there we started the long drive back to the reception in Morgan Hill. By then it was after 2pm and we had very light breakfast early that morning. We were really getting hungry but had an hour and a half drive so we stopped at a fruit stand and of coarse they had a truck there frying artichokes so we had enough to hold us off for a while.Also got some wonderful fresh strawberries and nectarines.

After getting home pretty late both days we decided to take it slow on Sunday. Our only plans was a barbque at my brother Bob's house that evening. We also wanted to stop and see my sister in law who is in a rehab hospital after having hip replacement. She is my oldest brother's wife. My brothers were all older than me so sister in laws are like my sisters. We got to visit with her and my niece Rochelle for a while then off we went to see some more sights.

My grandson Jared is a huge Apple fan and he also sells a lot on Ebay and uses PayPal so we found the headquarters for each and took pictures. Then we drove to Mountain View and I showed Lera where her Paw Paw, worked when we met. He was stationed at Moffet Field. It was so good to see that the hangers are still there. Especially the big blimp hanger. Most of the places I remember as a child have been destroyed for electornics and the people that have moved there to work in that field. I love my computer and cell phone but as I travel through the Santa Clara Valley I am so sad that all of the orchards are gone and replaced by hiways and condeminiums.

Yesterday we made our way back up here to Redding. It is always so nice to be home. Today will be a slow day and later a late lunch with my niece and nephew. Tomorrow we will do laundry and take a much needed rest. I will have to have them at the hotel to catch their shuttle van to the airport and 4:30 am Thursday. I will sure hate to see them go but I am so glad that I have finally got to share my home with one of my grand children. I know my daughter enjoyed it too. She was born in Mountain View but had not been back sense 1985.

Eric when I get time I read of your adventure. It seems you are seeing both the good and the bad side of the states. Glad you are finding some friendly people. My daughter has been very fortunate to meet so many friendly and helpful people while here.

Well this is quite a book. I know there is much to catch up on but time and space are limited for today so I will wait until my girls are gone home to comment on each of you. I will say that our weather has been perfect from the day they got here. That is one thing that hasn't changed in the Bay Area they have what has been called the best weather in the world and I sure won't argue with that. Ours too has been on it's best behavior with the highest temperatures while they are here being in the low 90s and very low humidity. Don't mean to brag but I do feel sorry for all of you suffering through the hot and humid summer. Just so glad that it is not me :lol:

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Morning All! So much to say, don't know where to start. First it's 88 with a "feels like 95" in KW. Expected high 90. Pretty average for us in the summer and much preferable to what some of you are suffering.

Bud, I came on and starting reading and realized I had to go back to Monday. Why's Bud home from work lol. Hope you get that door fixed early and get in some fishing.

Sometimes it feels like just a bunch of friends chit chatting about everyday life.

Alan that is exactly what this site is all about. When I miss a day like yesterday, I feel so out of the loop. By the way, I spent almost twelve years in Berks County in PA. It was the most beautiful countryside. I loved it.

Annette, I hope you are not too sad. I do think their plans for Marco are what he needs. You did what you could and now you just have to hand him over to other, hopefully professional, caretakers.

Judy, you may be o.k. with the wait til Wednesday but I hate it. You always have so much fun and activity planned, I'm sure the time will fly.

LaDonna, this is a rough time of transition. Glad you're back to the gym. I think that's a really good thing, endorphines and all.

Sara, one year. All those milestones stir up feelings. As time goes by they will begin to be more of "yes!" in stead of "scary."

Eric, sounds like we'll all be with you in spirit. It's so great that you are making the connections you are making with LCSC members and Dr West too boot!

Gosh, I've gone on so and now want to tell you about yesterday. Was feeling wiped out and a little down the past couple of days. Chemo tomorrow. I had to go see the new onc again, useless appointment. Decided to turn my attitude around. Killed some time in Office Max after the morning appointment. Took myself downtown and had lunch at Antonia's. A former student and long-time acquaintance was working. It was slow so we had time to chat here and there. Went to the Tropic after lunch and saw a mantinee of Tree of Life. All in all a good day. Even had enough energy left to stop for gas on the way home lol.

Hope I didn't miss anyone. Have a great day all.

Judy in KW

P.S Others posting while I typed. Hi Lily and Katie, so sorry. Got to run now.

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Ann, you're such a hoot. I enjoy your jokes always. keep them coming. KWJudy, Hope all is well with the chemo. Keep up the fight. Mi. Judy, don't you remember me at all? Good luck with your scans. I'll be thinking of you.

Our power blinked a few times last night during the storms. Every time the power shuts off, I have to reregister to get on here. what a pain. Our computer has been giving us some issues lately. It seems like we just got it, but I guess time flies by. We've begun the search for a new one so I guess it won't be long.

I think we'll modernize and go with a laptop. It would be nice to free up the desk space and get rid of all this wire and stuff.

We're heading down to Baltimore later. Going to Pier 6 Pavillion to see Bozz Skaggs and Michael McDonald together. Haven't been to a good concert in years so we're both looking forward to it. We'll be the 2 old farts fanning ourselves. Should be easy to point us out. It's still "Be kind to your lungs week".

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Alan, of course I remember you. It's just that a lot of us have our home location on our profile, and it shows up to the left of the post. Hard to keep track of where everyone lives! :?

Hi Judy, Lily, and Katie! I love it with the daily Air is so busy!

Judy in MI

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