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Sunday's Air.

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Now where was I when we last communicated?,ah yes, leaving East Glacier on the 6.45pm on Thursday for Seattle,arriving Seattle at 10.30am Friday,think I mentioned something about Amtrak timetables being changed from actual hours and minutes to simply saying some time during the day,can I rephrase that to include sometime today or tomorrow?.I was told my train would arrive a little later than stated ie, 8.30pm,well as it turned out it was a little more later than that - 1.40am Friday,train took us as far as Spokane?and transferred us to a bus to take us into Seattle,arrived there not at 10.30am as planned but 6.30pm-24 hours after my setting out time.Settled into my hotel,showered,changed and went down for dinner, after a bit of effort, I meet up with dear KatieB,what a pleasure, after all the time I have been posting here,we finally meet up.The meeting is brief,both of us having a early night,walk in Lincoln Park first thing in the morning.

We meet for breakfast,then its off to Lincoln Park,so much happens when we arrive,I get to meet up with all my LUNGevity friends,Stephanie,Sara, later Dr Jack West and Senator Hill. Its

so wonderful to meet so many people I have only known online here,to be able to meet in person.The walk commences,500 estimated in attendance,a stroll in the park as they say,its quickly completed,refreshments,presentations of prizes,speeches by Dr Jack West,Senator Hill,and yours truely,I have shared with everyone,a truely wonderful and memorable time. We spent the rest of the day with Stephanie and her friends until late afternoon-thank you Stephanie,I loved every minute sharing my time with you and your friends.Later I meet up with one of the girls from LUNGevity Washington DC,to share a meal in the hotel,whilst sitting there, the TV shows a news programme of the Breathe Deep Walk in Lincoln Park,the sound is inaudible,but its a good coverage of the event,wonder if anyone has recorded it ?. Well I have just met up with another up with another guy at the hotel bar and shared a couple of beers with,Paul works for Boeing and I mentioned seeing a film of their latest production model in Washinton DC Museum of Space and Aircraft,its a completely new design of aircraft,using carbon fibre components in its construction for strength and economy in fuel consumption,the film is amazing-Paul says do you want to actually visit the factory its manufactured in? well do bears ---- in the woods,of course I would love to,so meeting up at 9.00pm to visit this factory.Can you believe everything that has been happening to me since I arrived here in the USA? do you wonder why I dont went to go home on Thursday? Thanks everyone, who has contributed to my wonderful holiday here.Have a great Sunday everyone,Bye.

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Morning all. Not going to commit to "Good" this morning. Woke up to excruciating spasms in my right foot that had it all twisted and contorted. Horrid is all I can say. This is the foot that I fractured, don't know if it's related, just know it hurt like H E L L and left me so upset I can't fall back asleep. Whatever. I am so sick of me and stupid ailments that have no explanation.

Anyway, Eric, I saw the pics! Awesome! It looks like a great time was had by all. Just like you to pick up a friend who is now taking you to the Boeing factory. You are such a friendly fellow, and look where it's taken you in all of your journey's here in the USA. It's been so nice to read along of your journey.

I can't even imagine your life back in Scotland, after all of these adventures! Oh wait! Yes I can! You had as many adventures there as you had here. It is you who creates the adventures! Just know you are loved by many of us.

Yesterday was a stormy day, and today looks to be the same. The dog days of summer are waning. Temps now in the 50's and 60's at night, and highs are 70 to 80. The cycle of the seasons is amazing. I remember saying I can't wait for Autumn to be here. And yet, as it's approaching, I realize we didn't get enough Summer!

Today will call for a nap for sure. I never get up at 6:00AM, but I sure did today.

Well, I'll be back, just wanted to say HI and get about the new day.

Judy in MI

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Good Morning all!

Eric - I've followed you on your travels across the US and I have to say - you are an amazing guy. You never meet a stranger and everyone seems to love you just as we all do. I wish I could have met you while you were here. How has Sally been doing since you've been away?

Judy MI - I'm so sorry you had those horrible spasms in your foot this morning. I hope you get to take a nice relaxing nap today with no pains!

Katie - I've been looking at all the pictures from the Seattle walk. Thanks for posting them. I dearly love Sara's wig! I bet you are tired! You never stop. Maybe it's time for another vacation.

The weather here has been better for about 4 days now. Highs in the low 90s and thunderstorms in the evenings that cool us off even more. I told one of my neighbors that I spent all summer complaining about the heat and now I'll probably spend all winter complaining about the cold.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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Afternoon All! I had a VERY busy day yesterday. Went to the museum in Portsmouth but it was closed; a stop at CVS; a trip to the flea market in Wheelersburg; Dairy Queen in Wheelersburg lol; the grocery in Portsmouth; a visit to the owners of the campground; ending the day with making a peach cobbler! Everything but the peach cobbler involved a degree of walking but it was VERY time consuming. So tired today have not done much of anything but play on my farm. Tonight we have a cook-out to go to with Stan's friends.

Eric, it's all been said. You have made the most of your visit with your winning ways. Can't imagine anyone doing it better.

Judy, I was at a conference once talking about getting shingles and being stressed about trying to work two jobs and helping with my newborn grandson. The presenter mentioned having a client who would have to get sick (genuinely sick not psychosomatic) in order to be able to say no. Rang my bell. Does it for you. You may have to get disabled temporarily just to allow you to slow down. Just sharing.

Katie, how lucky are you to spend the day with Dr West and family. Sounds like Seattle was a great time. Wish I could have been there. Hope you don't have too much climate shock back in Texas.

Paulette, good to see you on. Glad the weather cools off for you in the evening. Lets hope you folk don't get a winter as cold as the summer has been hot for so many people.

I need to get off this computer before I am cross-eyed. Annette, been thinking of you. Will try to call when I get out of this cell dead-zone.

Have a good evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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Ah, I'm back. We had quite the exciting afternoon! I was just settling in, after a lunch meeting at church. My doorbell rings and it's the neighbor. He has his one year old in his arms and his four year old. The 7 and 5 year old were at the top of my driveway, being told to NOT come down because they are terrified of my dogs.

They wanted to invite me to come plant apple trees (which is really just throwing the apples). Evidently the wee ones think just throwing it and plunking it in the ground will grow trees. Cute.

Anyway, the last time they were here, they got screaming and running, and I caught Olive just before she bit one of them. Now I won't have a dog that bites, but she's never been a problem with my nieces and nephews. I think the high pitched scream and running confused her. Not defending it one bit.

So today the two at the top of the driveway (behind the invisible fence) decide to come down the driveway without their Daddy. Of course the two dogs run to greet them, which turned into a scream fest and chaos errupted. I ran as fast as I could because I knew what Olive would do and sure enough, she was heading for the little boy.

I lunged and heaved my body to get between her and the 4 year old, and had to land on my side to avoid crushing the little boy. I did avert the bite (well he had a little purple spot where she was starting), but I am hurting. My right ankle, hip, elbow and wrist are bruised and hurting. I think I hurt my foot that I fractured again too.

I didn't want to make a big deal of it with the kids (they didn't realize what was going on), so I told Dad to call me when he got home.

I apologized profusely for the incident, to which he apologized because the kids were told to stay up and didn't. He felt horrible about my fall. I told him I didn't know what to do to desensitize her to kids. He said he knows from her gentle nature that it was the screaming and running that made her feel defensive. He didn't blame us.

I'm going to call a dog trainer to try to figure out how to make this not happen anymore. I can't have a dog I can't trust. Can't!

In the meantime, I asked him to call ahead before coming over so that we can control the dog situation. I have a dog door so I can't keep them inside unless I manually block it, which is easy enough to do, but I need to know ahead of time to block it!

Needless to say, I'm shook up. I'm not a young thing anymore. Falling like that is not good. I'm lucky I didn't break anything.


MI Judy

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