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Tuesday's Air


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I see no one else has posted yet and I am thinking that everyone is having a problem logging on. Judy asked to let people know that she keeps being asked for her login and then is told it is wrong. I think I know why but not sure. Maybe she is getting the log in page for Lungevity. It is different than the one for LCSC.

Judy MI just a word to you. I hope that all works out for you. I know I had that some problem with my husband, the anger and always putting me down. I came to spend Thanksgiving with my family here in 'California that year. The first ever away from my kids and grandkids. It gave me time to think but things didn't get better and later my marriage ended. It was hard but I like myself a lot better now than I did then. Maybe your husband is going though a mid life thing and just needs to be shook up. If he is you are doing exactly what he needs.

Well I have to run and post how I got on here. Have a great day all.

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Good afternoon, everyone!

It was 82 degrees as I rode to work this morning. It's closing in on 100 now.

I can't claim to have had any log in problems. I just got busy this morning, and need to run now.

Here's hoping everything works out for you, MI Judy. Have a great day, all!

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Is this the Air for Tuesday?

Just back from the early morn scan. Other than drinking 1 1/2 "smoothies" all was fine. Did you know they are filled with sorbitol? Now I know why they don't agree with me! The nurse said it is intentional - they want that stuff to leave your body. See the doc tomorrow afternoon.

Looks like Annette is playing possum, but reading? Have we said something (or not said something) that has upset you? Maybe just very busy catching up at work?

Bud (and all) - 5K walk = shin splints! Guess I better start walking more regularly.

Eric - glad you are taking it easy and that the weather is cooperating with your visit. This is about as good as we have seen this year. Wish I was up to getting out again - guess my timing was off.

Lily - and Judy (not) in KW - glad that is straightened out.

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Haven't posted forever, been read everyday. Just lazy I guess.

I was in Scotland while Eric was in USA. Glad we have that exchange program. And glad I was in the UK while the USA sweltered. I wore a hoodie the whole time, it became my uniform.

Judy MI, you don't need this. You have so many physical worries, you don't need this emotional one. I don't know your husband, so this is not a direct criticism of him, BUT often men just can't handle a change to their routine. Men want their 'women' to fawn over them, to take care of their every need. Hopefully, your mini vacation wakes him up as to how much he loves you and how important you are to him.

You know very well how tough it is to be a caregiver. And I do believe that us 'girls' to it better.

Was in the UK for 17 days. Love English history, so it was a joy. Had been to London before, but not the rest of England or Wales or Scotland. Beautiful country. Much hillier than I expected.

In work, so can't stay on.

Think of you all.

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Well, I am coming on late today, and had to re-check the date when I didn't see a Tuesday's Air! But logging on is good enough for me!

Thanks for all the good wishes everyone. I hope this is good for him. I'm reading "Boundaries in Marriage" while I am away, and see that I was doing a whole lot of enabling, which made me miserable, and didn't make him happy like I was trying. We shall see. One way or another change must happen. I hope the absence is going to do it. He has not called to check on me, but I did say in the note to not call me. However, it would have been nice to get a VM from him telling me he loves me and understands, but what the heck? That is the woman in me.

I met with a surgeon today about the hernia. He said I don't have another one. He poked around and it hurt like hell. He said it's just nerve damage, and if mopping floors makes it hurt, to stop mopping floors! LOL. Of course!

Had lunch with a g/f which was nice, and did a little retail therapy which was nice too. I'm going to continue reading the book, and take myself out for dinner tonight.

Ginnny, nice to see you back! Eric is here and you are there - talk about bad timing. But it sounds like you had a lovely time. That is fantastic.

Steph, yeah, the smoothie does the same to me. I didn't know what was in it, but now understand!

Bud, you must be kind of crazy with this endless heat. I pray for rain and lots of it soon for you all. YOu never complain, and I admire that.

I'd be complaining. lol.

Eric, glad you are taking it easy finally. You were going so fast and furious for so long! Didn't see when you leave, is it tomorrow?

Thanks for the support Lily.

Judy in MI

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Good evening everyone - sorry for not posting in sooner. Very busy at work and just not feeling very well. I have a doctor's appointment in the morning - don't know if it's a bladder or kidney infection or stone or pulled muscle.

I get the smoothie like second week in September - already worried because I am hurting all over and waking up in the morning just not able to breathe. Probably just work stress - but you know how our brains work now.

Sorry I missed your call Judy (KW) - I left my phone at home today and it died. I know you are with family so when you hit the road give me a call. I hope you are taking it easy to enjoy the family time.

Judy (MI) - Just ... hugs.

I don't know if I mentioned it but I finally got word from the kid's school - they are not "expelling" him yet. If he does this in-patient rehab thing we will meet and they are willing to give him a chance if he is successful. Next Monday is his court date for all outstanding charges and the only one I really care about is the alcohol one at school - I put literally 100s of hours in researching why that is an illegal charge so I am meeting his lawyer Friday to give her the details of what she darn well needs to say to have it thrown out. My little heart will break if she is not successful. But I gotta say the stress level has dropped significantly since he is "in-patient" and not at home getting in trouble. Sigh.

I guess I better get a move on I am gonna go climb in bed and watch the season finale of Master Chef.

Sorry for skipping out on everyone - it's all I can do to sit up at work all day so I finally broke down and made a doctor's appointment for 7 a.m. hopefully he can figure it out.

Have a good night all,


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Hello to all,

Since I'm so close to the west coast, I guess I can still post on "Tuesday" and it will really be Tuesday! :D

I love to read all of your posts every day to see what everyone is up to. I am usually too lazy to post anything myself though. Funny how it seems that I know all of you just as if we have met in person. I guess Eric will be the only one that has actually met almost all of you in person! Wow, you are one busy guy!

I'm still working for now. My team is being so good to me. I am working 9-3 so that I can take and pick up the kids from school. It seems to not wear me out as much as a full day.

I'm not sure I like my new chemo regime. It is easier than the Cisplatin/etoposide combo, but I just feel so much more tired. Also, I feel like I'm swollen up all over. BP is up. PCP is changing my meds to help with this. She gave me some lasix to take as I see fit to help with the edema. I also have this crazy taste in my mouth. I taste SALT all the time! No need to add salt to anything anymore. And if I try to take a bite of a potato chip! YUCK! Only thing that cuts the taste is ice cream or popcicles. Even celery is too salty. Like I said, crazy.

My goal for this week is to read a book. I always loved to read but with chemo then WBR, seems I don't have the patience to focus on a book. We'll see if I meet my goal.

Happy Hump-Day!


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