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Fridays air!


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Wanted to pop in and say saying prayers for all the east coast friends of ours today as Irene bears down on us! stay safe, stay happy and stay dry! Listen to the experts. this is going to be a bad storm for us!!

Its warm here and we have chance of some rain and wind but hopefully that will be it!

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Wishing everyone on the east coast a storm damage free ride as Irene passes by,hopefully it will stay seaward and miss everyone.

Just about to leave and pick up Jennifer en route to collecting my new car from the showroom,oh I am so excited.

I attended the meeting in Edinburgh yesterday,it is a NHS government dept called SIGN - Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network-their remit is to produce guideline documents for all areas of health provision by Doctors,Nurses and other health professionals.I met with a girl called Karen who is co-ordinating a review of a Health Service national clinical guideline document called Management of patients with lung cancer.This document is used by oncologists to ensure that best practice in the treatments of lung cancer is uniformly maintained throughout Scotland.This current document is to be reviewed and updated as is necessary to take account of new developements in lung cancer treatments,to do this a select committee is formed of oncologists and other health professionals to develope the new draft,I have been invited to join this group as a lung cancer survivor to take account of such a persons perspective on this document,I will receive some training also to make my contribution more effective,I am really pleased to have been given such a role,I will give it my best attention.There is the possibility that I may be used for other guidelines in other cancer fields.

Going to a retiral dinner tonight,my former HOD,Duncan,I shouldnt really go,because of the way he treated me during my dx and treatment period two and a bit years ago,well I really want to meet up with my former work colleagues anyway.I wont be delivering a after dinner speech on his behalf,neither is my buddy Bill,so maybe someone else will take on this task ?.

Must dash, time to get Jennifer,Bye.

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Hello all,

The last two days were quite busy, so today is a slow day that I'm going to relish. Glad to see you back home Eric, and as usual up to new opportunities and prospects. I've been coming here and speed reading so may have to go back to catch up on the last few Eric entries.

Please keep my nephew, Pat, and wife, Jen, in your thoughts and prayers. They live in Wando, SC, just North of Charleston. He assured his Dad(my brother) that they will be fine. They expect to get a level 2 hurrican, which is like a severe thunderstorm here, only it lasts for a couple of days. I can't imagine dealing with that for 2 days! I've had enough in 20 minutes! I googled where they live and it's too close to the ocean with a hurricane looming.

Our gathering at Gilda's was a sad one with our friend Michelle gone. Lots of tears. But I'm seeing this group evolve as a result of the recent deaths. We have two in the group that are very ill, and facing their last options for treatment. I am seeing them mature in their view of life versus death, and I believe the ones that go before us can pass on wisdom in that regard.

Summer is definitely winding down. We are still getting into the low 80's but when that sun goes down (which is getting earlier and earlier) the temps drop fast into the 50's. It's so nice to not have the A/C on. It warms enough in the day to keep it comfy at night and not need the heat on. I have even worn full length jeans a couple times now. It's nice.

Making ground with R, and it's been enlightening.

We are definitely going to work through this rough patch.

Judy in MI

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