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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Well this was going to be a very late post for me on Sunday,or an early post on Monday,well the coin landed heads up so its Mondays post-its 11.50pm just now.

Well the good news is Irene has passed through the East coast it seems and her effects were not as bad as feared,I do hope everyone here has escaped unscathed.

I picked up my new car on Friday and have spent the weekend showing it off to my friends and relatives,my sister Dot's son Derek has tuned in my hands off on board telephone system,its just brill,the car also has a voice command system,which I think is broken-I told the car to drive me home and it ignored me,think it may be my Scottish accent to blame though ?.

The Brad Pitt movie World War Z,being shot here in the town centre is still all the talk of the "Steamie" here (explaination of this word supplied on demand)All my family excluding myself has been downtown to watch all the action scenes,Lianne my sister Irene's daughter has video'd a scene of several hundred of extras chased through the streets by Zombies,looks really exciting,so to-morrow I am going into Glasgow with my camera to take some action pics,seems I will need a long lens since access is severly restricted by barriers closing off many streets in the city centre.Now if I can only sweet talk my way into one of the offices overlooking George Square,you know, just like the way James Garner could with everyone in the Rockford Files ?.

Gosh I have never know such a quiet weekend here before,hopefully all you chatty friendly people will return soon as,Bye,its time for my bed.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 86 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 107.

I had a great time in Wichita Falls Friday and Saturday. It got up to 109 degrees Saturday afternoon, hot even by Hotter 'N Hell Hundred standards.

But I finished well before it got that hot. I completed the ride in 4:57, the first time I've ever done a 100 mile ride in less than 5 hours. I didn't think I had that kind of ride in me, but I guess you never know. I did a ride report on my blog.

Time to get back to work. Have a great day, all!

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Serious riding Bud, even if you sometimes question it. That touring I did so many years ago? 50 miles was probably our longest day (and only that long because we took off in the wrong direction after our lunch break!) We aimed for about 35 miles a day. Distances are shorter in England. Nice blog, very nice.

Good to see you back in the swing of things Eric. A new car now? I know, all about the mileage. And blue to match your eyes and kilt?

I'm dealing with a bit of symptom pain and I do not like it. I suppose the fatigue and uphill shortness of breath may have been symptoms rather than side effects, but it was easier to brush those off. This feels like a symptom and I can only hope current treatment shrinks the thing enough to give me relief. Tumor seems to be putting pressure on a rib or diaphragm, spiking heavy duty a few times over the last couple of months. I consoled myself with homemade chocolate chip cookies this weekend.

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Hi there,

We still don't seem to have a lot of visitors here lately. Here's a YELL OUT, I MISS EVERYONE!!!!! Even those who lurk and never post. Do post. It's so fun to get to know everyone here on the AIR.

Steph, I'm not liking what you are writing. Consoling yourself with your fantastic cookies is good, but do talk to the doc about some pain relief. Praying for you.

Eric, sounds like the car is awesome. I think they sold me that same faulty voice command system, and it does not get me home either, and I don't have a scottish accent! LOL

It made me so happy to hear how well Sally did while you were gone, and how she changed the second she got the opportunity. Sad. Sad. Sad.

Good job Bud on the Hotter than Hell Hundred! Is it ever going to cool down there?

The weather here has been beyond amazing. Today 77, low 59 tonight, and tomorrow and the day after more of the same. I did learn that when it gets in the 50's at night, you should close some windows. Got up Sunday and it was 60 in the home. Made for a very chilly shower! And no way was I turning the heat on. NO!

Today I met with our pastor to talk about the situation with R & I. It felt good to get it out. He strongly suggests counseling, and I agree with him.

So anyway, R is out with clients, so I have the house to myself. Going to heat up some leftovers and enjoy the peace.

Judy in MI

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Stephanie - am sorry about the pain and I hope the treatment gets rid of it once and for all. I hope your doctors are on top of it. I know about the fatigue and shortness of breath, I generally put them down to side effects also and just hope I'll know the difference. I think homemade choc chip cookies are a must!

Eric - I give - what does "steamie" mean? You car sounds amazing, and didn't you say 80 mpg?

Bud - I can't imagine 109, and even less riding a bike for 100 miles even if it was the coolest part of the day . . . I did a 20 mile ride once - managed to lose my helmet - and I swear it was all uphill and by the time I finished I just wanted someone to shoot me. So I am in awe.

Judy MI - your weather sounds perfect! It is 90 here and way too hot for me. I don't want to complain though since our weather has been very tame compared to the midwest or east coast. We haven't hit 100 yet this year and now they don't expect us to - no hurricanes, tornadoes or floods either, so things are good! I am glad to hear things are getting a little better at your house.

We do have some new creepy critter this year I've never seen called a fall web worm. They seem to be taking over some of the trees and eating the branches. They tell us they'll be gone in September, and it can't be soon enough for me.


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Hi Dianne,

Thank you for your request to know what the word "Steamie" means.Its part of Glasgows rich working class'es history.Years ago in the 50's and the 60's,before the affluent society was born,the UK was a bit like today - suffering from a economic depression,only at that time it was the aftermath of the UK being bankrupt from fighting World War 11.

Personally owned washing machines were unheard of,so to do the weekly washing, a woman would have to use a wash house,which was a brick built room in the backcourt of the tenements,which contained a semi-hemisphere of a metal bath,housed in a brick oven,under which a fire was lit,to heat the water,into which washing was placed.A wooden dolly was used to agitate the washing to increase the cleaning effect.When the washing was completed it was removed and put through a wringer,two rubber rollers that the washing was placed between and a handle turned to squeese out the surplus water,to speed up the drying process.The Steamie replaced this system,the local council set up washhouses,which contained industrial type washing machines,that women brought their washing to,this created a meeting place for women in Glasgow to meet and exchange the gossip of the day,whilst doing their washing.Tony Roper a famous playright in Scotland went on later to write his famous play, simply called the "Steamie" in a nostalgic look of Glasgow culture and humour of the fifties and sixties.I have been to see this play on many occassions and it still makes me laugh,perhaps you might find it on Google,I am sure Americans can identify with its humour.

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Thanks for the fascinating Scottish history Eric. In the 60's, when I was young and poor, I spent many hours at the local laundromat (presumably a slightly more modern version of the Glasgow "steamie"). I will look for the play - I'm sure it would be a hoot.


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Hi Diane,

Thanks for raising this subject,I did Google "The Steamie" and what do you know,I found the play in its entirety,think its in 9 or so separate sections,so I will find some time today to watch it all the way through.Whilst reviewing a section,I noticed on the side panels some of Billy Connelly's TV appearances,so I spent some time having a laugh at his antics.

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