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Thursday's Air


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Evening All! Oh my, it seems we've all run out of air. Not me really, my excuse is I went into a manic. I realized around noon I hadn't taken my script meds (+ OTC allergy pills) yesterday or yet today. I say it's the weather, windows open, sunshine, lovely breeze. The truth is a manic for me is usually avoidance. Tuesday was overall a lovely day and I wanted it to spill into the next and the next. There was, however, a blemish on the day that I could not shake. Manic yesterday, toss and turn last night in bed, and manic again today.

See the continuence of this in the General forum. I'll be back then to chat.

I'm back. Decided to do an edit instead of a new post.

O.k., back to Fall housekeeping lol. When we reconfigured our house in a major remake years ago, we built in a little pantry/laundry. Because our house is small and it's our major storage area, I've had to maximize and organize the space. Today I went to the top shelves and pulled down all the baking and cooking utensils that we don't use every day. We ran a couple of loads in the dishwasher and discarded some stuff. We also did the top of the fridge and that cupboard above it--again not stuff you use often if at all. Was exhausted but satisfied at a job well done. Got rid if stuff and made some much needed space for new stuff like the electric food warmer we bought at Rosses the other day lol.

Hope you all had a good day and come back and tell me about it tomorrow.

Judy in KW

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Hi there,

Judy it sounds like you got a ton of good stuff done. That is such a great feeling of satisfaction, isn't it?

I'm not usually around on Thursdays because of Gilda's Club, but I didn't go today. Have caught a heck of a chest cold, and coughing so hard. Can't be around sick people with that. Been resting a lot in the last two days and trying to kick it.

The weather here is howling. The wind is so loud it's kind of scary! We got our first snow today. It came in squalls, and didn't really accumulate, so that is good. I kept turning the furnce up to 69 and brrrrr. Figured out that no matter what I set it at, it defaults to 66 unless I over ride that. I now know how to do that.

Now that I'm back volunteering at church, my days feel so much more full and that is a good thing. I'm not a sit around the house kind of gal. Nor am I an excited to be dusting and vacuuming kind of gal. LOL.

Anyway, got some home made spaghetti sauce on the stove, and going to boil some noodles now!

Hope all have been well.

MI Judy

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Hi you guys, Welcome back Judy, I knew you wouldn't be gone long, Missed your posts. We went to a Light the night walk last weekend downtown. It was for the Lymphoma and lukemia assoc. We lost my best friend a couple of years ago and we walked in his honor. It was awesome. There were hundreds if not thousands of us there. It was a little different than other walks I've done. At the beginning, each participant stepped up to the mike and said the name of the person and their relation to that person. It was the biggest tearjerker ever. The lady holding the mike, well, that had to be very hard. There were so many candles. I am still welling up when I think about it. They had lit balloons for every one to carry. There were hundreds. I'm sorry , this is the just for fun forum. my bad. Way too many are lost to all varieties of this awful disease. I simply hate it. I'd love to be able to walk away from it and never look back, get on with my life and all that. I can't, this is my life.

Anyway, the last of the leaves are blowing down and around. I love that maple yellow color and the cold front today. Thanks all of you for your humor, I needed that. Again, welcome back Judy, I saw your u-tube story that Katie posted along with the others the other day, no more hall passes for you. We all need the inspiration you deliver.

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What a pretty day and not so cold. Trees are finally dropping their leaves and the sidewalks are a colorful riot of gold and red.

Stopped by a friend's house to return a container they brought over filled with a tomato fennel soup. Left with a new container of lentil soup. Guess I know what's for dinner! Hope to go to an art exhibit opening this evening as well.

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Maybe Becky will see this. R got his deer tonight. It was very dramatic. He is driving and goes to turn on our street, and there she was. Someone had just hit her with their vehicle. Rigor had not set in, so she is hanging in our garage, and he is doing whatever deer hunters do after the deer dies.

I just don't want to know. I do know we are now about to have a freezer full of venison!

MI Judy

Thanks for the welcomes back!

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Missed this yesterday, having a job makes my free time almost non-existent, between work and homelife, what's left? Nope, gotta sleep in that little window!

What do hunters do after the deer is dead and it's hanging? They skin it, do a better job of cleaning out the organs (when hunting, they are "field dressed" but not so much on a public road), and quarter it to butcher. At our house, everything gets cut off the bone and the back straps ("tenderloins") are butterflied. Steaks are cut and small pieces are set aside to ground into Bambi burgers after being cut with pork. Venison is pretty lean, pork is added so there's some fat to cook with.

We then buy some stock in Zip-loc and portion and freeze the whole lot. Hours of work. I prefer the hunted deer to the road kill, too much trauma in the road kill and it smells so much worse. Larry had two deer on his hunting license last year and one that was downed by a Ram truck. The one he hit was sooooo horrible to butcher and not all of the meat is good, since wherever the impact was damages the muscle/tissue - and the blood pools in the organs and mixes with whatever may have been broke up in the collision. It's pretty yucky (I type this as I'm working toward lunch, ew).

Help me, my neck gets redder every day!

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