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I would walk this path again.


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I would walk this path again even knowing where it ends,

But I would hold your hand more tightly and hug you more often,

I would spend more time memorizing your face and voice

and I would hold more closely the moments of pure happiness.

I would walk this path again and bear the fear,

I would feel hope again and survive the ups and downs,

Just in case this time it turned out the way I wanted,

the way you always thought it would.

I would walk this path again and be stronger,

I would fight harder, challenge everyone, hold you so tightly

that you would draw strength and survive

in spite of what anyone said.

I would walk this path again and again and again,

Even knowing it leads to never ending pain

and tears by day and night

and lessons I don't want to have to learn.

I would walk this path again because I miss you so much.

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