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Hi friends,

Well, I'm getting ready to head out for the day. Hash brown casserole is just finishing in the oven and out I go. Our friends will have a brunch, and then over to Gilda's I go to take phone calls.

It's so cool! Our Laughfest event which raises money to support Gilda's Club, was a huge success last year. This year ticket packages went on sale Friday morning, and in 4 hours topped last years sales by 200%!!!!!!!! This is absolutely crazy! And wonderful.

So I've got a fun day ahead and hope you have a good day too.

MI Judy

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Ok I am here. Where is everybody? I love fb, but this is a very different type of forum, much easier to keep up with everyone.

What's up in my life. Had a guy that buys gold come to my house, let us just say I am buying a new tv. Happy, happy, happy.

Saw J. Edgar. Interesting historically, but boring. Makeup was very obvious and the crowd scenes were obviously digital. Disappointing. Going to see Descendants this weekend.

Who watches the Good Wife? I love the writing on that show, so bright. DWTS, I am a bleeding heart, so of course I am routing for JR. Couldn't vote for a 'K' person if my life depended on it. Although he has really improved. And I like Ricki but while I think she dances well I just find that something is missing. What are your feelings?

Just found out that another girl I went to high school with has lc. Will it never end. She is a health nut, food wise and is out hiking in the mountains out west all the time. No, she has not smoked for a very, very long time.

Gotta go back to work.

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I am here too. Just kind of being lazy for a while. Pain in my sides has left but my stomache problem is still with me. It usually is but this time it is staying. I took an Aleve for the other pain and that just caused more problems. Hoping that I can enjoy some good food tomorrow without having to pay too high a price stomache wise.

Judy enjoy your family. I used to love doing a big holiday meal. Now I let someone else do most of it and I sit back and enjoy. Still there is nothing like doing it yourself. I had Christmas Dinner at my house for a few years. I always had everything set up by the time they got to my house. I wanted to enjoy opening presents and visiting and did not want anyone under my feet while I was getting it together. Only time of the year that I used my mom's china that my brother had bought and Denis' grandmother's silver. I also had some crystal glasses and wine glasses. I really went all out cooking and preparing to cook for days. I do miss that sometimes but not sure that I could handle it all alone again.

Ginny I was wondering about that movie. I think I will pass on it. I too hope to see Decendants. It looks like a good movie. I ususually go at least once with my daughter and some of the grandchildren while I am in Louisiana.

So now both Judy's, Ginny and so many of you that I am not going to name for fear of missing one of you. I will be leaving Monday and pretty busy until then. I am hoping to get back here on Monday for one last post before I leave but just in case I wish you all The very best and Merriest Christmas possible. I hope that you all stay well and safe. I also keep praying as you all do that next year will be the year when a cure will be found. I am so glad to have all of you in my life and I know that I don't have to tell you why I wish that we had met some other way. God Bless.

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It's almost dinner time, but I don't feel that I can complain about people not posting if I don't do it myself.

MI Judy, is your hash brown casserole from one of the lung cancer cookbooks that Andrea did? If not, would you share the recipe?

Ginny, I love the Good Wife. Despite your review, I'm still going to see J Edgar. I let you know how bored I was. A friend of mine died on Christmas morning from colon cancer. At dx, they told her 6 - 12 months, but she lived for 2 and a half yrs. with a good quality of life most of that time. What surprised and scared us was that she was the healthiest person I knew - good weight, BP, cholesterol ok, excercised a lot, went running every day, ate really healthy foods. Obviously, there is something about cancer that we don't understand.

Lily, have a wonderful trip to LA and a great vacation. You deserve it.


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