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Wednesday's Air.

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

I didnt post in yesterday to tell you about an invitation I had received from the BBC to attend a interview for BBC Radio 5 Breakfast Show,I am becoming a wee bit sensitive about all my advocate activities recently for lung cancer you might be getting a bit bored with me,to the point,you might consider its about Eric promoting himself rather than lung cancer.I can assure you its not about me,while I am around and on the ground,I am going to bang the advocate's drum at every opertunity I can.

Emma from the Roy Castle LC Foundation asked me at short notice yesterday if I would be willing to attend the BBC Radio 5 Breakfast Show which will be all about the Cancer Research Foundation UK's report that 42% of all Cancers could be prevented by adopting better lifestyles.

Also that 23,000 lives in the UK could be saved each year if everyone stopped smoking.

I was interviewed about my lung cancer at 8.05am,then at 8.30am I was moved to another studio for a further interview.I was then approached by the producer of another prog,since I was in the building,if I would be willing to join Kay Adams phone in show,since it was all about the publics reaction to Cancer Research UK report,this show ran from 9.00am-10.00am,I really enjoyed myself,forgot to ask Kay for her autograph,mind you, I left the studio when she was still passing the on air reins to another presenter.

Missed the gym yesterday again due to heavy snow,however,typical for Scotland,the weather changed last night to mild and most of the snow had melted overnight,helped by rain,drat, I spent sometime shovelling snow from my drive and the road to clear my path to get out in the morning easily,I didnt need to bother.

Weather today lovely bright blue skies and sunshine,this afternoon I am off to the Stobhill LC support group,our last meeting until January,we were supposed to be organising a group Christmas night out,possibly a meal and than take in a show,however its a bit late now and the star man Robert Lowe is jeting off to spent Christmas with his daughters family in the USofA,oh well there's always next year.

I will drop by later,have a great day everyone,Bye.

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Morning All! Thanks for all the well-wishes on my cold. It does feel a tiny bit better but still up stuffed up in the night. This time I went back to sleep. I want to sleep a whole night through!

Stephanie, I can't believe you were up ALL night again. I should complain--not. I have a niece who lives in Miami whose boyfriend is a salesman (to restaurants I think) of Italian food products. I should hook you up.

Judy, from what I know, it is not good to expose infants to lots of people. Don't remember where the age cut-off was. I do believe that's where the Catholic practice of not taking the baby out or having company until it was Christened.

Diane, I love my PCP and my daughter referred me to him when she still worked at the hospital here. She didn't like him but felt he was the best. I agree but like him too lol. She and I have decided it's time to take off the gloves. If he mentions doubt in my treatment again, I'm telling him I don't need the stress and ask, does he not want to give me my medicine. If not, what are my options in Key West. I'm not going to let this bozo make me travel to Miami. It will be 3-4 hrs each way and at least one overnight. Time and cost prohibitive!

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning!

Eric, I don't think anyone believes you are doing what you do for you. Why? What would be the point. What you are doing is amazing and selfless (selfless, not selfish), and will help many, many people. I believe that what we do with our life challenges defines us. Advocating, volunteering, mentoring and more is good if you have the time and financial ability to do it. Thank God that you do. The world needs more Erics.

Judy, so glad the cold is a teeny bit better. A little ray of sunshine is poking out of that cloud to show you that it is going to go away and you WILL feel better LOL. I have to laugh at myself when I get an awful cold, I can be such a baby.

Diane and Judy, I think in today's world you are right about the infants. But I have to agree with Diane about her comment. How did we ever make it? How did our children? We didn't know about all the stuff that they do now and somehow we all survived childhood. LOL. I'm kidding. Technology has made life good for these kids, who knows? The new life span may be in the 100's!

As for choices for doctors, I get it. In small towns and rural areas, the options are limited. I live closest to a small hospital about 20 minutes away. I go there for emergencies because it is small and it does not see much business. I always get in very quickly. But I drive to Grand Rapids for the rest of my stuff. It's about a 40 minute drive, which isn't bad. There I have lots of choices.

Haven't heard from the doctor yet. He said he'd call by the end of today. He said to call this afternoon, if he hasn't called me. There's that darned butterfly again, I just don't understand how she gets in my tummy!

Well, I'm going to have lunch with my youngest brother today. I don't mean to be sardonic, but my brothers didn't pay much attention to me at all the last time I went through this. I think they wrote me off because all of our experience with cancer resulted in dying. Which is sad, #1 if I was dying, I'd think they'd want to spend as much time as possible. #2 if I lived, how did they think I'd feel about them ignoring me.

Now, I was asked to spend a lunch with him because "we don't spend enough time together." Beggars can't be choosers, so I'll just be grateful. But I can let my thoughts out here where people understand. I love my brothers, and I understand them. So it's okay.

Have a good day. The sun is peeking out, and the clouds are drifting away, so just another beautiful day here!

Judy in MI

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Thanks for your comment Judy MI,it is much appreciated.Emma sent me the link to my first interview,I dont think she knows I was interviewed on two further occassions this morning,so I do not have these links yet,when I find them I will post them in.

Here is link 1:- It roughly starts at 2.05,


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